Content Marketing In Australia To Be Better Than United States, India & UK 2018

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Content Marketing In Australia Better Than United States & 2 More  Competitors ::

Australia has always been good in content creation and marketing. Its current strategies reveal the brighter future in content marketing. Content marketing in Australia to be better than United States 2018, can be estimated to be possible due to its consistent creativity. No doubt in digital marketing OZ lacked in professional expertise in past years. But the same is being recovered recruiting field specialists. Australia to get better than USA and UK in content marketing is not a piece of cake. Besides effort it requires creativity, ideas and most important productivity before promotion. More focusing on productivity that would let users use, share, appreciate or promote your content.

How Australia Can Make Content Creation Better 

Before we look into crucial revelation of creation and content marketing in Australia to be better than United States, let’s get a glimpse over old content strategy.

Here is the list of some old tactics to create rich content:

  • Image Designing
  • Social Post Content – Informative Text + Featured Image
  • Video Creation
  • Classic Blog
  • Podcast
  • Memes (Basically with Image and Short Text)

These repetitive strategy is effectual for obvious. But ain’t enough for Australian marketers to defeat marketers in United States and UK. Moreover just adopting new content creation strategy would be insufficient content battle. Digital marketer or content designer should be efficiently smart to Plan, Structure, Give Notion and Create Matter.

Add mentioned stratagem to the advanced list of content creation:

Infographics Creation

If you are data lover don’t ignore this core point. Once you engross into advanced level of marketing you won’t turn back. “Infographic” is the presentation of data in advanced form. It includes eye-catching analytics, statics, differences, steps and guide. Infographic is more effective and useful as compared to images or text data.

Infographics for What?
  • Statics Comparison
  • Data Revelation
  • Process Elaboration
  • Illustration
  • Step-Wise Guide
  • Tutorial Cumulative of Text & Image

Assimilate Infographics in your article or blog to make it worth. It can be displayed in various formats viz. JPEG, PDF or other document. Avail it to let site visitors view, learn or download infographics for free or paid.

How Infographics are Helpful?
  1. Infographics are Creative & Refreshed by nature. Its fundamental relies more on recency, frequency, trend, process and genuineness of data.
  2. Expert Bloggers, Writers and Marketers incorporate it in their blogs. This discloses the significance of infographic.
  3. Visitors spend more time on page that directly reduces Bounce Rate [Learn: Increase Pageviews and Reduce Bounce Rate : Alexa Statics Prooved]
  4. Optimise as Image SEO for resulting in Search Engines. It navigates to the site for sure.
  5. Increases Pageviews for relevant topic
  6. Visitors would love to see creative infographics. So they subscribe, for more fresh content every week.
  7. User’s Action: See, Read, Save and Share Infographics. It encourages them to create one as well.
  8. Overall increases new and repetitive traffic to the site.

Infographics Example:


Productive Blog – To craft Content Marketing in Australia better than United States

To make content marketing in Australia better than United States 2018 write productive blogs that would guide someone improve work. It should be helpful and useful for readers instead of writing typical blog. Here are some very productive blog types you may go with: 

  • Start up Guide: Helping out beginners in something
  • Money Making: People seeking to learn earning money in short time
  • SEO tips and tricks: For Bloggers, SEO executives, Digital Marketers and many
  • Tech and Digital Marketing: Niche with helpful and successful guidance
  • Helpful Tutorial Blog: Incorporate blog with step-wise images
  • Inspirational Blog: To inspire readers in particular challenging task
  • Listing Informative: Deeply researched analytical data. For competitors, objects or matter relevant.
  • Guide On ‘How to’: Guiding in doing a matter, for e.g. How to Blog, How to Start Online Business and more
  • Ideas Blog: With Idea and Something to offer for free to the readers

How to Step-Wise Guide – Except Blog & Video

Blog, article or video is not the only way to guide users. Other efficient content elements are:

  • Slideshow In SlideShare
  • Image (JPG)
  • PDF Downloadable File
  • Other document

For instance, an instant guide on ‘How to Add WhatsApp Share Button In WordPress and Mobile Site‘ can be explained in image format. Image can answer so quickly in 4 steps instead of 500-1000 words of blog or article.

  1. E.g. Step 1 – Install ‘XYZ’ Plugin
  2. 2nd Step – Drag WhatsApp & Buttons You Want (Settings)
  3. Step 3 – Align Buttons View to Top or Bottom (Standard Feature)
  4. 4th Step – Set Buttons: Vertical for Desktop View; Horizontal for Mobile Site View (Floating Feature)

Make it easier for users to extract the answers guiding in short. It doesn’t mean you neglect writing explanatory blog. Create both guidance blog and answerable image as well.

Competitive Listing

Listing describes the matter evidently. It compares the object, person and topic with sequence. Listing is mostly plotted according to real & recent statics and research available. Following is the matter that is frequent in listing:

  • ‘List the Top’
  • ‘Listing the Popular’
  • ‘Listing the Famous’
  • ‘List Helpful’
  • ‘Listing the Best’
  • ‘Listing Worst’
  • ‘List of High’
  • ‘List of Powerful’
  • ‘Listing the Rich’

Similar content can be utilised to appeal the users. According to web research Australia rarely makes listing of the matter. Competitive countries viz. United States and India gives a priority to such search strings. A huge keyword competition is thrown for LIST related string.

Conclusion: Australian marketers need to research more on topics that can be sorted and explained with the list. For example, “List of Indian tech bloggers” would give an extremely helpful result listing all competitors. When same searched for Australia as ‘”List of Australian tech bloggers”, outcome is dull. Get a glimpse over ‘Top Bloggers In India :: Popularity, Blog Competitors & Alexa Rank‘ for an idea. Unless you reveal the competition and the competitors, popularity would always be kept hidden.

How Australian Marketers Can Do Content Marketing Effectively 

Mission: Content marketing in Australia better than United States, India and UK.

Significant tips would definitely promote matter and increase traffic to the subject site.

Rate & Review Your Content

No matter what content you want to promote. You would be able to drive traffic to your content site only when it is clickable. Make organic search result more clickable. This is only possible when content gives an impression with Rating, Review, Digits or Power Words.

SEO Optimization for Infographics 

Optimize Every Infographic and Image for SEO. This would generate navigational traffic from search engine to the content. 

Readability Improvement

Improve Readability of Blog Content before SEO. Make sure Readability signals green (WordPress – Yoast SEO). This is because user experience matters, more than just driving traffic to the content and making it difficult for them to understand. 

Blog Content Advanced SEO

Focus more on improving SEO. Once content is optimized for SEO get a quick check up of the site. Prime site where you can test SEO score are ; ; . Try maximising score above 90 making your site very search friendly. [Learn: How to Improve SEO Score in 24 Hours : 90+ Scores]

Target 7 Social Sharing Sites

Share Content on Social Media using # hashtags. Atleast share on 7 Social Platforms.

Mention In Others Blogs, Q & A and Forum

Visit Others Content Marketing Blog, Q & A site or Forum and leave your comment plotting opinion smartly and do integrate your content link.

Highlight Data for Rich Snippet

Markup and Highlight Content for rich and clickable results in search engine.

Submit Content on Affiliate Sites

If you got a design content in the form of Picture, Logo, Infographic, Vector or Stock Image, just sell it. List out world’s best creative or design selling sites. Submit qualitative content and begin selling once approved. Keep in mind, Quality matters a lot! You may get rejected several times for low quality content. Other emerging digital creativity selling platform is FoeTube Blon n Vlog + Designers site. FoeTube would soon begin a digital market to sell your creative content at best rates.

Content’s Introductory Facebook Ad Campaign

Create Facebook ‘Website Traffic’ Ad Campaign for as minimum as 1 blog or page that consist content. This is more beneficial at introductory & growth stage of content marketing to drive traffic. FoeTube has been promoting its cornerstone blog on Facebook to drive in high quality traffic to the site.


Content Marketing In Australia Vs United States Vs UK Vs India

Countries could be world’s top 4 extreme content competitors in coming years.

Overall Conclusion:

United States, UK and Indian marketers spotlight on different Niches encouraging competition. One of the reasons is population and young scholar generation of these countries. Verily Australia too comes into best of the nations. But majority of Australian community focuses on Travel or Fashion Content. Part of the community shows Tech interest. Entire elaborated substance focusing ‘Content marketing in Australia better than United States and other countries’ specify the major coverage of content marketing for Australian Marketers. Future generation of Aussie should get involved in ‘Technology’ race not just to utilize but allocate the info. Implement mentioned points those you skipped while marketing the content. These strategies are useful for those who are unaware about advance methods of content creation and marketing. Not just for Aussies, but is effectual for beginners in competitive countries viz. United States, UK and India.

Do state new methods of content creation and marketing in the comment if you got any.

Besides knowing ‘Content marketing in Australia better than United States, UK and India‘, Learn ‘How to Sell Digital Products Online‘.

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