Why We Fail To Achieve Your Goals – Whether Business, Profession Or Life

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Disaster Of Failures Is ‘Not Trying’ It – A Reason Why We Fail To Achieve Your Goals

A person who ‘wills’ but don’t act, lives with the dreams and dies along the same. To the one who still wills has to come across the reasons why we fail to acheive your goals awfully.

Planning, Positivity, Accuracy; these words have probably covered-up our thoughts and the way of thinking. 

We know it ain’t wrong in following such a rightous formulas, but these are the only terms stand as a wall between you and your goals. 

Instead of blindly believing in so, create a bridge between Your Dreams & Yourself called “Relevant Action”.

Kindly note, I didn’t mention ‘Action’ but ‘Relevant Action’. 

Every action that directly or indirectly relates to the goal you want to achieve.

All those actions that will benefit you in achieving dreams following smart moves.

Why We Fail To Achieve Your Goals

Why We Fail To Achieve Your Goals

The general desire of majorities is owning a luxurious car, million dollars and fame. 

Don’t you ever talk about success, unless you yourself work on relevant actions in acquiring the same.

In case, one of your prime dreams is starting-up a fashion line business, because you know this business is a kind of magnet that not only attracts people but revenue and branding too.

You never tried understand how this industry works, where to collect raw materials from, how to hire designers & tailors, Where to arrange funds from?

Most importantly interacting with retailers or with consumers knowing their behaviour and opinions on the product.

The confusing points start with ‘Where to start from?

Unless you act on gaining data from market, how would you know that you’ll succeed in a business you don’t know basics of about?

Just recall all activities you did last week. 

Try to extract all the actions you did, to fulfill your dream. 

Unfortunately, you won’t find even a single action that relates to your dream. 

Clear Vision - Relevant Action

Clear Vision – Relevant Action

All dots i.e. actions you perform to furnish your dream in future are capilaries. 

Capilaries should be numerous that adjoins each other merging with the vien. 

That means if merging all actions you do every single day should be linked to the goals. And must benefit your desires to achieve so.

For instance, my prime goal is to launch a software or a website tool that creates rich media at great ease. Further to link such data with social media, webpages and blog to display the rich media through an auto-generated link. Here user doesn’t has to upload heavy files on a page to display an image, video or file; Just paste the link and make a webpage lighter i.e. without uploading any file to reduce page load time.

Vision of my business is, Support to SEO and Reduce Page Load Time which has become a great problem in search ranking and gaining user trust.

To fulfill my goal of creating such a tool requires for about 4-5 Lacs INR investment, Tool Designs & Format, Provide ‘Detailed Features & Outcome Plan’ to developers in order to intergrate, Advanced SEO knowledge, Admin Management, Promotion, Advertising and more.

Creating a web-tool could be easier, but post-creation activities is the challenge to make my business get successful.

To overcome difficult reason why we fail to achieve your goals, I would put my plan immediately into action:

  • I would Work & Strategize On Advanced Features Of Tool I Want To make
  • Spend More Time Implementing On SEO & Outcome So I Can Get Organic Traffic To My Business In Future
  • Create Campaigns For My Blog & Clients So I Sharpen My Skills Through Advertising On Social Media (Facebook, Instagram & YouTube). This’ll Help Me Promote My Product Ahead.
  • Keep On Discussing With Developers On Things Work. So I Can Manage My Product In Well Manner Reducing Technical Issues I May Face.
  • I DO Keep An Eye On Competitiors’ Advanced Features and Ease-Methods To Stay a Step Ahead Of Them Potentially

Similarly, I do several activities week-by-week so could make my route clear and easy to reach the destination. 

To clear-out this, just being POSITIVE, Keep PLANNING, Maintaining ACCURACY cannot help me out every time in my way. 

The 2 Most SIGNIFICANT things are CLEAR VISION (clearly see the goal you want to reach in next 1 year); and RELEVANT ACTION (Seeding the destined plan – Take all possible actions that will help you reach the goal within that scheduled target year)

Still if you aren’t clear about yours dreams, just follow one formula:

Get a Job In the Industry That Direcly Teaches you About-The-Work, which Indirectly relates to Your DREAM.


Willing to start a Restaurant business? Get a job in a restaurant to understand how the system and management works. 

Let the placement be anything viz. Waiter, Chef (if specialize in so), Supervisor, Manager if fortunate.

Why waiter by the way?

Because big dreams start from small placements and foundations. The closest person who directly deals with customers is a ‘WAITER’. The connection that a customer has with the waiter cannot be with the manager or the owner. 

So, to understand ‘THE CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR‘ in the journey of becoming a Millionaire, through a Restaurant business is becoming a Waiter First.

I know it sounds cheap, but it is the only practical way to get into the depth of such business. 

Secondary placement comes is, CHEF! 

Basically the feedback that a chef gets from a consumer is indirect by nature. Or connects through a medium again called the ‘Waiter’. 

Just imagine, if a customer enjoys the food there comes 3 re-actions viz. Either one will recommend the restaurant to friends, family and colleagures, Will Order Food/Visit restaurant often or Will Get a Parcel Everytime (rare scenario) He/She Comes to the restaurant.

On the other way if a customer doesn’t like the food, one would complaint about the same to waiter or inform the manager if something goes more serious. 

End of the day a chef is the one who has to deal with the behaviour of cutomer indirectly. But at least a chef learns something here to avoid the same hereafter, this leads to futher improvement and expertise.

Conclusion (Over Why We Fail To Achieve Your Goals)

The whole point is, to let customers love your product or service, you HAVE to connect with them directly or through a third person. 

This connection will give a CLEAR VISION of what you actually want in your business ahead. This vision will encourage and force you to go step-wise which is again a ‘RELEVANT ACTION’. 

Huffington Post Elaborates Some Reasons On Why We Fail To Achieve Your Goals.

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