How To Get On First Page Of Google Within 3-24 Hours – How Long Does SEO Take To Work & Update

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Positioning on the first page of Google is a subject that every SEO Strategist dream of. Many Marketers and Strategists plant tricks, efforts and time for years to get result on the first page. Some get succeeded, rest either outsource the work or give-up on SEO. Search string How To Get On First Page Of Google Within 24 Hours has been looked for millions of times in SE. Google stopped disclosing page rank. Still positioning in Search Engine is an extreme battle to come-up on the 1st page. Google bots indexing process is same for site on Page No.1 or on Page in Million. There are several things to do that make difference in positioning on the first page.

Get On First Page Of Google (Ranking Gradually)

Tricks to get on first page of Google:

  • 100% SEO (Each Page or Blog) = Good SEO
  • Improvement In Readability for Better User Experience = Good Readability
  • 80%+ SEO for Whole Blog or Site = Good SEO
  • Shareable Content Availability viz. Statics, Video, E-Book Guidance, Document, Infographics, Slide Doc and more
  • Actionable Message In The Blog viz. View In Detail, Instant Reply, Download, Submit, Subscribe, Purchase, Share, etc.
  • Structured Data Markup
  • Highlight – Extension Link from Table Of Content
  • *Jump On a Topic Before Anyone Else Jumps – E.g. Write Blog On Feature that Facebook Would Launch Soon (Before other bloggers write on same). You have got to be research-minded and smart enough.

Query: How long does SEO take to work, update & rank? Don’t know about others but my result get indexed in 3 – 24 hours. Learn How To Get On First Page Of Google Within Hours & Instantly.

How Long Does SEO Take To Work and Update

In usual circumstance it takes 4-6 months and thereafter 10-12 months (included) for SEO to get better position. Search Engine Optimization is a long process for long run benefit. 100% SEO with Patience is the key to success. Find how Too Many H1 H2 Tags may Drop SEO Score By 10. Bloggers and SEO Marketers now-a-days are impatient by nature. They crave to see result on the first page once they post a blog. Well it sounds like a fantasy. Many doesn’t know the hidden feature of Google to uplift your blog or page within few minutes. Scroll on to ‘How to get on first page of Google within 24 hours – 3 hours a minimum‘ to know Google’s awesome feature.


How To Get On First Page Of Google Within 3 – 24 Hours Guaranteed

Condition – Verify your site in Google Console and Let Bot Index your site. Result in 3-24 hours is possible only for site that is already verified and has been a subject to index before.

Follow on the steps to get on the first page within 3 hours a minimum:

  1. Finish-up a blog inclusive of 500 words at least
  2. Optimize for Search Engine
  3. Improve Readability and Publish a Blog Post
  4. Login Google Webmaster Tools using gmail id
  5. Hit on ‘Crawl‘ in the navigation bar to the left
  6. Click ‘Fetch as Google
  7. Paste URL you want it to crawl ASAP
  8. Submit as ‘Fetch and Render‘ i.e. basically ‘Extract and Deliver’ (Await till it fetches)
  9. Request Indexing‘ (Don’t bother if outcome is ‘Partial’ or ‘Redirecting’). Let system handle it on own.
  10. All Done

Now the only thing you have got to do is await for at least 3 hours to let Google display result for your Keyword. I believe you would be too proud to see your outcome in hours without hassles.

Note: Your result may be displayed on 2nd or 3rd page due to following reasons

  1. Improper optimization of SEO
  2. Lack in accomplishing 500-800 minimum words in blog
  3. Irrelevant SEO and Content in the blog
  4. Extremely high competition

Conclusion On ‘How Long Does SEO Take to Work and Update’ Result:

Google Will Keep Your Result Consistent On 1st Page, When You

  1. Keep updating post or page content once in a month
  2. Maintain SEO Score
  3. Traffic is driven more on your fresh result instead of other competitors
  4. Put effort to Increase Pageviews
  5. Insist visitors to spend more time on site
  6. Let visitors subscribe to return on your site again
  7. Let visitors share your matter on social media
  8. Provide fresh content before others do
  9. Create pleasant user experience on site
  10. Markup Data to make result more clickable 

Hope the blog ‘Get On First Page Of Google Within 24 Hours to Less Than 3 Hours‘ helps you out instantly. Try the method and leave your comment to improvise the idea.

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