Improve Alexa Ranking In 20 to 30 Days – 11 Tips (& Secret Cases) to Boost Alexa Rank In 2019

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Inclusive Of Cases To Improve Alexa Rank

No other way you can find to Improve Alexa Rank better than this. If you are among those ranked in millions, get the guidance to Boost Alexa Rank in 20 to 30 Days dragging it below 80K.

Install Alexa Toolbar Extension 

The primary step towards improvement of rank is adding Alexa Toolbar to the browser. Install the extension in no time and see the astonishing rank improvement within the weeks. (Scroll down to Install ‘Alexa Toolbar’ for Chrome & Mozilla.) If your toolbar is already installed do this: 

  1. Visit your own site daily, at least twice or thrice in a day
  2. Spend some more time on site navigating to your pages within the site. This would help increase daily time spent on site.
  3. Navigate to your different blog pages spending 60 seconds on each page. This would increase the Pageviews.
Improve Alexa Rank

Improve Alexa rank in 20 Days

  • #1 Write Productive Content That No One Has Written Yet

Writing content just to add-on the count of blog posts ain’t worth it. Activity that matters is, creating content that results to be extremely lucrative, helpful and useful for readers. An action taken from your site encloses the significance of content. If user doesn’t take any action after reading your blog posts, it is counted to be less worthy. Pivotal Content you should add to blog:

  1. Infographics
  2. Statics Image
  3. Interactive Images
  4. Step-Wise-Guide Video
  5. Analytical Graph
  6. Useful Code to let users Copy & Paste On their sites (wherever required)
  7. Unique Text Content To Read, Learn & Implement


  • #2 Share Post On Social Media Promptly

It is always a good practice for a marketer to promote matter on a platform with huge audience. Posting matter on all social media can be a smart activity, but focusing more on 7 platforms is a must. Target 7 Social Media platforms viz: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr and LinkedIn.

Regular posts on social media doesn’t indicate your task is done, but audience clicking on posts and navigation to site is more of importance. This is because, not only ‘SEO Auditing Portals’ love socially active sites, but Alexa loves it too.

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  • #3 Submit Links To Social Bookmarking Sites

Take a prompt action and submit links to:

  1. Digg
  2. Delicious
  3. Reddit

Afterall few quality backlinks are worth more than 100s of inferior ones.


  • #4 Drive Organic Traffic – ‘Fetch And Render’ URL to Google Webmaster Tools

Alexa follows the chain to Rank, viz —

  • 1st Quality Content
  • 2nd Regular Post with SEO
  • 3rd Traffic
  • 4th Pageviews
  • 5th Time Spent On Site

Overall the calculation of above affixes you at your desired rank. In order to Improve Alexa Rank it is must to follow the chain.

– Fetch And Render As Google

Fetch and Render is one of the best features in Google Search Console / Webmaster Tools. Follow up ‘Crawl’ then ‘Fetch as Google’. Submit url of the page or post you want to crawl instantly. Hit ‘Fetch and Render’ and  ‘Request Indexing’. This awesome feature lets your url to get your page in search engine within 4-5 hours.

– Increase Traffic to Blog

  1. Use 2 Keyword Queries Strategy For Blogs
  2. SEO (Improve SEO Score)
  3. Create Ad Campaigns

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  • #5 Write Blogs Regularly – At least 2-3 a Week

Missing even a single week will drastically affect your ranking. Eventually you gonna regret. Alexa algorithm is completely different from that of search engines. It’s like if no one clicks on your link in search engine today, tomorrow your site will be still on the same place for same keyword. Alexa has a different story. If no one visits your site today, get ready to cry another day. It’s like an instant penalty for useless site! It is always recommended by experienced bloggers-cum-marketers to post content daily or at least 2-3 times in a week.


  • #6 Update Existing Posts Once In a Month – Keep Data Refreshed

Doesn’t matter if your blog is older than 2 years. If it is worth and valuable for users, do update frequently. I know it’s very difficult to update 100s of blog posts every month. Create a schedule sheet listing all your blogs with publish date. Set update day for 25 blogs this week, 25 blogs after 15 days, 25 after 30 days and remaining after 45 days. If you are a pro blogger and got many authors, request them to update their Guest Posts after every 45 days to keep blog refresh.


  • #7 Guest Post On Blogger’s Site That Already Has a Traffic GOOD ENOUGH

  1. Target Emerging Blogger’s Site for Guest Post
  2. Then Request Pro-Bloggers For Guest Posting

Guest Posting had never been a Five-Finger Exercise. It is as tough as impressing a strict stranger. Most of pro bloggers are very picky in allowing new blogger to post on their blog. Before getting an approval a pro-blogger does a deep study about your background work and online reputation. Afterall they are more concerned about their site’s brand and market image than your dreams.

The best and recommended way to  begin with Guest Post  is, target emerging Bloggers First, then Pro Bloggers. Emerging bloggers are those bloggers who aren’t ranked in top 30K sites of the country but still got good presence on the internet. Build up trust delivering quality content, then request a proposal to Pro-Bloggers. This would make the process easier as you would be ready with quality work experience in guest posting. No matter what, other newbies would definitely provide you link juices, hence Boost Alexa Rank. 


  • #8 Increase Pageviews & Unique Visitors

    Increasing pageviews that means there is a direct or indirect traffic coming to your site. Repeated visitors with longer sessions on site ain’t enough to impress Alexa. Accumulation of Unique Visitors is must if you really want to get below 10K rank. If gaining more number of unique visitors from India, a huge improvement in Indian Rank would be seen. On the other end, massive user traffic coming across the globe, would fluctuate the improvement in Indian Rank up & down; but definitely improve alexa rank globally.. 

    Focus getting unique visitors and pageviews covering up default country and globe as well.

Helpful: Increase Pageviews Per Visit By 50% & Reduce Bounce Rate To 10%  


  • #9 Link Building

Find various ways to build Links to Improve Alexa Rank:

  1. Comment on Other’s blogs placing opinions and relevant suggestions (never mention URL within the comment, but in URL section only)
  2. Answer accurately on Q & A sites
  3. Build-up discussion on suitable Forums


  • #10 Get Site’s Metrics Certified by Alexa

Bloggers and nomad entrepreneurs rarely follow this step, but know what, it helps to improve ranking to some extent. Well, it is completely optional but you’d love to see some changes in the ranking. The fundamental step is to get a trial package but this requires credit card details to begin. No worries it won’t charge you unless trial month gets finished or you make a decision to continue, whichever is earlier. Basically you’ve got to paste the code into the head section of the site, so Alexa begins extracting traffic and basic analytical data from wherever your site is being visited. Registration permits to make major changes in settings to change the appearance of data based on estimation or exact real metrics. Moreover, user can add 2 primary URLs with basic profile & logo of the site to be publicly visible. 

Benefit of certified site metrics is that, Alexa doesn’t rely on users with its installed toolbar to evaluate data, but does an overall calculation of traffic and performance of the site across the globe, which simultaneously improve Alexa rank. Secondly, a user can examine the site’s performance in-depth to make further alterations to upgrade the rank.  If you are dedicated towards boosting rank, get a trial plan and additional 1 month of paid continuation to understand how Alexa Certified Metrics work. Discontinuation is possible if it doesn’t make a big difference, to perceive, every site is different and has different user behaviour; results are primarily based on so. 

Alexa rank

Certified Sites Metrics – Alexa Rank


  • #11 Add Alexa Widget

It seems like Alexa widget has been retired. Still if you believe this could help you out a little bit then let’s position it  at tertiary level. Adding widget to the site was helpful to some extent. It couldn’t bring up a massive change but assisted in keeping rank consistent instead of increasing. The recommended space to add Alexa Widget is footer. If ranked among top 10K sites in the country, sidebar would be the accurate placement for widget.
Add Alexa Rank Widget

— Alexa for Chrome & Firefox

Checkout Your Current Alexa Rank ;

Install Alexa Toolbar to Improve Alexa Rank:

  1. Alexa Toolbar for Chrome
  2. Alexa for Mozilla Firefox

Traffic Vs. Backlink – Who Wins?

Your blog / site must accomplish one of these powers, either accumulate consistent huge traffic that uplifts alexa ranking or get quality backlinks to stabilize the position.

It happened to me, when my blog posts received satisfying traffic, alexa rank got better and better each week. I believe more in traffic generation instead of getting tons of poor backlinks. But when rank started dropping due to fluctuating traffic, I realized the importance of backlinks. High quality backlinks basically help your site stabilize the ranking in a long run, mark this, to Improve Alexa Rank, High Quality I meant. Whereas if your site isn’t popular enough to gather continuous abundant traffic, rank would obviously drop terribly. 

For an advice, focus on creating helpful content for users. Quality content is similar to a magnet, if not today, tomorrow it’ll attract users. Simultaneously generate superior backlinks from valuable sites, to grasp, 50 superior backlinks are much better than 500 inferior ones!


Alexa Ranking Case


According to my experience with Alexa, there exist 2 Important elements Alexa care about. 

  1. Right SEO Strategy (Traffic)
  2. Linked Post In Social Media (Traffic)
  3. Count Activeness Of a Website or Blog On Social Media (User Engagement)

Right SEO Strategy – SEO Traffic

Well, SEO traffic ain’t the secret to boost ranking, but essential to look into.

Not every SEO strategy succeeds in acquiring the top position, but some does. We are in the phase where driving huge traffic from search engines is difficult at introductory stage of a website or a blog.

No doubts, the real-life example sites that has massive traffic are good enough with Alexa ranking as well. The prime reasons behind are, effectiveness and helpful content delivery using Right SEO strategy, that ultimately leads to the popularity.

Well, such formula if implemented, no other competitor will defeat the tactics applied. And thus, Improve Alexa Rank & Search positioning too.


Linked Posts In Social Media (Traffic)

I ain’t talking about posting irrelevant content such as 3rd party content posts, third party videos, inspirational thoughts, phrases; none of that. 

But the posts, videos and content that directly links to your site!

Yup, the social post that doesn’t link to your site can’t help you improve alexa ranking. 

instead keep posting relevant matter that directly or indirectly takes a user to your site without any barrier. This navigation has more importance than simply delivering content without links. 

Alexa counts the value you are getting from social sites towards your linked-matter. 


Count Activeness Of a Website or Blog On Social Media

Alexa doesn’t care about how many likes or followers you’ve got on social media pages. The most important matter it cares about is, how engaged is your site or blog on social media. 

For instance, you’ve got 2 websites A & B. Where in total A has 5K Followers, and B has got 50K Followers throughout.

Whatever content is created for A is being posted on all platforms of Social Media, where people like and share the posts.

On the other end the content posted for website B is not being liked or shared by users due to less-interesting content

Taking both the scenarios into consideration, Alexa would potentially improve ranking of website A even though its followers are lesser that B. This is due to the current engagement and activeness across social media.

The whole point is, nobody cares how earlier popularity you gained, but necessity should be posts being engaged and active on social media.

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Assistance with nursing application topics · April 7, 2020 at 3:06 pm

How to boost Alexa Rank? This is a good question! First of all, one needs to have quality content which interests the reading audience.

Payal · February 13, 2020 at 3:38 am

Very useful blog.

shonali · July 31, 2018 at 2:52 pm

Thanks for telling alexa boost techniques

    Salwa Patel · August 1, 2018 at 1:39 am


Mullikarjuna · June 3, 2018 at 10:21 am

I’m new to blogging and would like to know ways to improve page rank. This article help me with the information on ways to increase page ranking.


bhaskar · March 28, 2018 at 7:26 am

Excellent Blog! I would like to thank for the efforts you have made in writing this post.
I am hoping the same best work from

Jina · December 23, 2017 at 11:19 am

Thanks for sharing good blog post about alexa ranking, I tried all those steps and its working …. I always look your website for new update. Go ahead….

    S. Patel · December 23, 2017 at 1:32 pm

    Hey Jina,
    Glad to know that you tried on crucial Alexa steps for rank enhancement. Hope it would definitely help you out in 2018’s extreme ranking competition.

Arav Ramakan · October 6, 2017 at 8:35 am


Thanks for sharing this amazing blog on how to improve Alexa ranking. Certainly agreed by the points you mentioned above that will improve the alexa rankings. nice tips and hacks to try for improving alexa rank for your website or blog.

Help me in solving 1 doubt regarding alexa ranking- How I can increase the number of sites linking to your site. I have been generating backlinks but, its not increasing the count of sites linking to your site in alexa ranking.

Please guide me!!

Thanks in advance!!

    S. Patel · October 6, 2017 at 11:38 am

    Thanks Arav!
    You may find several effective ways to generate quality backlinks, some of the most recommended ways are:
    1. Create an extremely Impressive Infographics. Allow other bloggers to use the same with valuable backlink in return. This would generate a bond within bloggers as well. (FoeTube is soon launching INFOGRAPHICS STORE for bloggers & marketers with Free options)
    2. Target hard-working bloggers’ site (who are not popular yet, but still improving). You may easily get opportunity to write a guest post here.
    3. Upload Infographics and Digital Images for free on Free Image sites leaving a link or social account for further connections.
    4. Write Testimonials on new marketers & seller’s sites. They would welcome you to do so. You may find it one of the easiest way to get backlink.
    5. Submit to bloggers directory
    6. Answer Intellectually on Quora
    7. Get Interviewed by emerging bloggers. If you are smart enough in writing content, you can be interviewed by FoeTube as well and generate link here.

    Sometimes Alexa updates backlink in 48 hours, most of it takes 3+ Months to show up quality backlinks.
    Note a: Never try getting more than 2 backlinks from 1 site, because Alexa counts it one. Try getting it from different sites instead.

    — If you are really serious about improving Alexa rank, focus More On increasing UNIQUE PAGEVIEWS & SOCIAL MEDIA TRAFFIC (linking to your site); That’s what FoeTube is focusing in now-a-days. Once you become good enough in these, backlinks will automatically get increased by your fans.

    Note b: When I researched, majority of POPULAR BLOGGERS drive traffic from Social Media (as secondary). It will definitely improve ranking within a week.

      Arav Ramakan · October 11, 2017 at 9:13 am

      I’ll certainly focus on unique visitors,

      Thanks for the help!!


    Vishwa · November 26, 2018 at 4:18 am

    How To Improve My Website Alexa Ranging plz suggest Me

      Salwa Patel · December 9, 2018 at 10:42 am

      Hey Vishwa,
      It seems your site’s rank has already been doing well.

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