Done With ‘Starting a Blog’ But No One Reads It? – You Need Influencer Marketing Instead Of a Doc

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Already Done With ‘Starting a Blog’ Unfortunately No One Reads It?

Got a blog upto now? After starting a blog you might have promoted blog posts in several ways such as: SEO, Social Media, Paid Ad Campaigns, YouTube Tutorials, Guest Post, SEM – Pay Per Click, Quora and more.

Did any of it was really worth of what you expected? Answer should be No.

I’m assured because all of the mentioned digital platforms work on temporary basis. Even though you’ve got millions of followers, and you neglect posting for a whole month, you’ll loose 20% of them tremendously. For every response you wanna see, there has to be a consistent action in the form of posts, advertising, invitation, deals and so on.

On the other edge of the river, automation sucks. It works really good with email campaign or repeated activities. All in all marketing automation is something I would not recommend as its results are quite disastrous to business.

After spending extravagant money over Blog Promotion, Facebook Ads and PPC; you left yourself disappointed. Regression doesn’t end here, your blog and you still remained brand-less. Moreover, struggle continues seeking recognition post after post. 

excusing Reasons – why no one reads my blog:

  • SEO lacking
  • No Appealing Title – Less CTR
  • Me Too Blog Posts
  • Inferior Content
  • No Images or Videos In The Post
  • Poor Readability
  • Nothing Exciting Within The Blog To Read

Besides several reasons why people don’t read your blog, get through the major issue asking ‘why should someone read your blog?’

The matter of fact is that you are delivering less-helpful and less-interesting content that people out there don’t want to read. Or could be they are trying to get the hell out of ME TOO blogs, no matter how well execution is.

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Prior to learning on how influencer marketing can help blog driving traffic, let’s have a glimpse over the actual sacrificing journey of a blogger.


Starting a Blog Was Exciting As Hell

Beginning with blogging is always full of hopes and fantasies. A few know what it takes to become a successful blogger.

It encourages newbies with some fascinating nightmares viz: Immense Traffic, Money, Fame, Brand Ambassador, Influencer and a Internet Star. Well, it ain’t that easy to achieve the 1st stage even.

I would never call it impossible, but a blood-slurping cage. You must know what it takes:

  • Time Scarifying (At least 5-10 hours a day)
  • Mind Skills – For Tricking Competitors
  • Experts Brain – SEO Tactics To Survive In The Race For Free
  • Money – To Promote Money Making Posts & Affiliate
  • Creative Knowledge In Designing – Learn From ‘0’
  • Activeness On Social Media – No Matter How Tired You Are
  • Bird’s Eye View Over Trends
  • Constant Analysis Of Ups & Downs Of Your Matter Across The Web
  • 3 Years Of Consistent Blogging With Dedicated Activities

This may suck up most of your energy at the initial years of blogging!

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Though With a Sturdy Efforts, It’s Drowning Now After Starting a Blog! There Is No-one To Read & Share It Even After Spending 1000s Of Bucks. It’s Really Sad, a Last Hope For Your Blog Survival Knocks The Door.


Influencer Marketing Can Help-You-Out Promoting a Blog To a Height

Where there’s a will there’s a way! Learn from what you’ve lost, be calculative and work on weakest points. Being out of the box is the only way that can make your blog survive. Opt for ‘Word Marketing‘ i.e. ‘Influencer Marketing‘! I know this is rare and sounds irrelevant. But it is the only way that can cause generation of hopes and survival of the blog.

You might or might not know the power of words. How these can make your blog a Brand that can ‘Drive Huge Traffic‘ in no time. Influencers Marketers with large subscribers and fan followers can literally dig hard to pull your real audience.

Now who are these guys? How can they promote your blog and encourage audience to gladly visit your blog? 

Well these are YouTubers carrying appropriate niche on daily basis. You might wonder why YouTubers should promote the blog, why not other known Top Influencers Across The World. Answer is, hiring Mega Influencers could be a bit expensive compared to Macro Influencers. Mega Influencers are those with extreme popularity viz. Sport-person, Celeb, Entrepreneur, Musicians, etc. Whereas Vloggers, Fashion Advisor, Fitness Trainer, Hair Stylist, CEO, Bloggers comes under Macro Influencers.

The decision relies on which Influencer is suitable to promote your blog and at what budget. For instance, if a football manufacturing company has a sufficient budget to promote its blog and products, it may decide to hire the Mega Influencer ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’ to advertise or promote the same on Instagram. In the other scenario, a sports blogger with a low-budget may plan to hire Kieran Brown. You could find much under-budget influencers on the web.

Top Influencers – Blog Bangers

Another question you might think of, why to prefer influencers from YouTube, why not Amit Aggarwal, Harsh – ShoutMeLoud, Shraddha Sharma, Faisal Farooqui, Varun Kishnan or Digital – Digital Deepak? This is because these top bloggers are known for their blogs rather than videos. A users gets acquainted to these bloggers when they read author’s blog posts, overall they’ve got rare recognition on YouTube.

YouTubers are well know on this platform for their execution and presentation of skills, talent and helpful guides along-with entertainment. To promote a blog in no time Influencer Marketing is the only way to opt for.

What is your blog about? Tech, Fashion, Cookery, Fitness, Tutorials, etc. Here is the list of some examples of Incredible Influencers On YouTube best suited to promote your blog:

Technical Guruji (Tech)


Neil Patel (SEO & Marketing)


Nisha Madhulika (Chef / Cooking Tips)

Thank you so much for the constant support and encouragement. #nishamadhulika #YouTube

A post shared by NishaMadhulika (@nishamadhulika_cooks) on


Sejal Kumar (Fashion & Lifestyle)


Brian Dean (Digital & SEO)


Varun Pruthi (Actor – Social Experiments)


Sandeep Maheshwari (Motivational Speaker)


My Smart Support (Digital)


Bhuvan – BB Ki Vines (Comedy)


These influencers carry on their own style of presenting talent, skills and knowledge in interesting ways. These aren’t options to go with, you opt preferring suitable Influencer according to your niche. On starting a blog, if you ask me about suited influencer, I would go for either Neil Patel or Brian Dean to brand my blog based on digital niche.

Outcome Of Investing In Influencer Marketing (After Starting a Blog Taking To Maturity Level)

Generally people believe in influencers due to their real life experiences with particular product or service. Most impressive thing about macro influencers is that they don’t lie to their audience, and keep delivering helpful info either to save audiences’ money or teach them something unique and effective

It’s obvious when an influencer presents your blog and products to their audience, a positive change is expected at investor’s end, viz:

  1. Migration Of 1000K’s Of Influencer’s Audience Traffic To Your Blog
  2. Social Media Engagement
  3. Get Blog Recognized as a New Brand
  4. Increase In Post Shares
  5. Increased Video Views (Embedded In Posts)
  6. Rise In Sales – (Tangible Consumer Products or Digital Products viz. E-books, Designs, Video Courses, Apps, E-Tips, etc.)
  7. Improvement In Search Ranking
  8. Improved Quality Backlinks
  9. Requests For Guest Post Authorship
  10. Mentions Across Others Social Media and Blog
  11. Sponsorship Attractions

These are few advantages you could achieve through Influencer Marketing, still there’s a lot more to gain once you give it a real try. Moreover, starting a blog and further promotion could be a good plan but won’t remain the ultimate one.

Influencer marketing ain’t enough to keep blog stuck in watchers’ mind, but working with SEO and Social Media platforms is essential too.

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