Top Bloggers In India 2018 :: Popularity, Blog Competitors, Monthly Earnings & Rank

TOP Bloggers In India 2018 – Blogger’s Popularity, Blog Competitors, Niche & Alexa (India) Rank

It’s time for blog fire! Ceaseless Blogger’s War Based On Indian Ranks and Niche Never To End. This exciting blog would clearly specify the blogger’s fight with outcome as well. It would reveal WAGE WAR within the Indian bloggers, verily India has got a huge talent that rises foes to defeat. Get the extinguisher, battle may get fired up around anytime. Here FoeTube wraps up core elements of the recent top bloggers in India 2018.

 Recent TOP Bloggers 2018 (In India) – Last Updated On: 12th Mar, 2018

Data to be updated after every 30 Days

Top Bloggers In India 2018
Top Bloggers In India 2018


Here is the list of Smart Top Bloggers In India 2018. Know their Popularity, Blog Competitors, Niche, Alexa Rank, Social Reach and More:

1. Harsh Agarwal Vs. Neil Patel (Shout Me Loud Vs. Neil Patel)

  • Comparison: Niche
  • Niche: SEO and Blogger Tips

A. Harsh Agarwal  

Blogger Harsh Agarwal

  • Shout Me Loud
  • 1175 Indian Alexa Rank
  • 8575 Global Alexa Rank
  • 81 SEO Score
  • DA : 60.14
  • Harsh Agarwal’s Monthly Income / Earnings: Appx. $40,000 – INR 25,00,000+ Per Month 
  • @shoutmeloud
  • Digital Products: E-Books, Coupons & Affiliate


B. Neil Patel

Blogger Neil Patel







  • Neil Patel
  • 2081 Indian Alexa Rank
  • 8337 Global Alexa Rank
  • 78 SEO Score
  • DA: 76.35
  • Neil Patel’s Monthly Income Estimated / Earnings: Appx. $83,000 – INR 53,84,000+ Per Month
  • @neilpatel

Harsh and Neil are digital world’s inspiring bloggers. There blogs are extremely effective and helpful. Neil was born in England but belongs to an Indian family. It is heard that Entrepreneurship is in his blood. Any new blogger or experienced specialist can follow both to gain Digital & SEO knowledge. They are not just known in India but recognized globally. Neil doesn’t share his income, mentioned earnings is estimated according to the information available on the web. No doubt writing style of Neil Patel is much better than that of Harsh. Competition between these bloggers would create SEO & Blog rivalry in future.


2. Amit Agarwal Vs. Abhijeet Mukherjee (Labnol Vs. Guiding Tech) 

  • Comparison: Rank & Niche
  • Niche: Tech

A. Amit Agarwal

Blogger Amit Agarwal







  • Web: Labnol
  • 4106 Indian Alexa Rank 
  • 13,388 Global Alexa Rank
  • 77: SEO Score
  • Labnol DA: 76.24
  • Amit Agarwal’s Monthly Income / Earnings: Appx. $60,000 – INR 38,00,000+ Per Month
  • @labnol


B. Abhijeet Mukherjee 

Blogger Abhijeet Mukherjee







  • Guiding Tech
  • 5441 India Alexa Rank
  • 14,755 Global Alexa Rank
  • 74 SEO Score
  • DA: 50.04
  • Monthly Earnings: Not Revealed
  • @GuidingTech

Amit is one of the most known bloggers in India. Abhijeet Mukherji seems to be competing Amit Agarwal in regards of Niche. Tech is the common battle field of both. Moreover their Indian Alexa ranks are close to takeover.



3. Shradha Sharma Vs. Ashish Sinha (Your Story Vs. Next Big What)

  • Comparison: Niche
  • Niche: New Launch, Stories, Brand, Youngsters and Business

A. Shradha Sharma

Blogger Shradha Sharma







  • Your Story
  • 723 Indian Alexa Rank
  • 9010 Global Alexa Rank
  • 75: SEO Score
  • YourStory DA: 75.03
  • Shradha Sharma’s Monthly Income Estimated / Earnings: Appx. $34,000 – INR 22,00,000+ Per Month 
  • @YourStoryCo


B. Ashish Sinha

Blogger Ashish Sinha







  • Next Big What
  • 14,125 India Alexa Rank
  • 174,167 Global Alexa Rank
  • 72 SEO Score
  • DA: 49.10
  • Ashish Sinha’s Monthly Income Estimated / Earnings: Appx. $17,000 – INR 11,00,000+ Per Month 
  • @nextbigwhat

Shradha Sharma has been in the industry with sturdy fundamentals. Her YourStory’s Indian Alexa Rank keeps on defeating Harsh’s SML. Ashish Sinha’s NextBigWhat has similar niche as of ‘Your Story’. Their blogs are more about New Business, Product Launch, Competition, Young Entrepreneurs and stories. Even though there’s a big gap in ranks, but competition is hard-hitting.

4. Faisal Farooqui Vs. Varun Krishnan (Mouth Shut Vs. Fone Arena)

  • Comparison: Niche
  • Niche: Business, Product or Brand Review

A. Faisal Farooqui

Blogger Faisal Farooqui







  • Mouth Shut
  • 1248: Indian Alexa Rank
  • 14,799: Global Alexa Rank
  • 76: SEO Score
  • MouthShut DA: 43.14
  • MouthShut’s Monthly Income Estimated / Earnings: Appx. $25,000 – INR 16,00,000+ Per Month
  • @MouthShut


B. Varun Krishnan

Blogger Varun Krishnan







  • Formed: Fone Arena
  • 1768 Indian Alexa Rank
  • 20,661 Global Alexa Rank
  • 65 SEO Score
  • DA: 56.33
  • Varun Krishnan’s Monthly Income / Earnings: Appx. $20,000 – INR 12,00,000+ Per Month 
  • @FoneArena

Faisal Farooqui’s ‘Mouth Shut’ is acknowledged for Business, Products, Services and Brand Review. Most of the customers place their valuable opinion on the matter. Fone Areana is formed by Varun Krishnan for Gadgets Launch, Comparison and Review. Faisal and Varun’s war may get robust in regards with Device & Gadget products.



5. Nandini Shenoy Vs. Malini Agarwal (Pink Villa Vs. Miss Malini)

  • Comparison: Niche
  • Niche: Bollywood, Fashion, Beauty & Gossip

ANandini Shenoy

Blogger Nandini Shenoy







  • Formed: Pink Villa
  • 2709 Indian Alexa Rank
  • 19,083 Global Alexa Rank
  • 67 SEO Score
  • PinkVilla DA: 44.32
  • Earnings: Not Revealed
  • @pinkvilla


B. Malini Agarwal

Blogger Malini Agarwal







  • Miss Malini
  • 7133 Indian Alexa Rank
  • 55,608 Global Alexa Rank
  • 75: SEO Score
  • DA: 42.64
  • Miss Malini’s Monthly Income / Earnings: Appx. $27,000 – INR 18,00,000+ Per Month
  • @ missmalini

Cut to Cut Cat Fight, Sounds Interesting! Malini and Nandini’s blog business is completely based on hot updates. Their Niche is same and Ranking is adjacent. Bollywood updates, Gossip, Beauty & Fashion Tips are the cores their blog specialize in.



6. Arun Prabhudesai Vs. Imran Uddin (Trak Vs. All Tech Buzz)

  • Comparison: Niche
  • Niche: Tech

A. Arun Prabhudesai

Blogger Arun Prabhudesai







  • Formed: Trak
  • 3866 Indian Alexa Rank
  • 53,850 Global Alexa Rank
  • 78 SEO Score
  • Trak DA: 49.08
  • Arun’s Estimated Earnings: Appx. $21,000 – INR 13,00,000+ Per Month
  • @trakin


B. Imran Uddin

Blogger Imran Uddin







  • All Tech Buzz
  • 4897 Indian Alexa Rank
  • 59,231 Global Alexa Rank
  • 77: SEO Score
  • DA: 44.10
  • Imran Uddin’s Monthly Income / Earnings: Appx. $10,000 – INR 6,00,000+ Per Month 
  • @Imran_ATB

Arun and Imran are called-up as two of the tech niche’s top bloggers in India 2017. Arun has been an inspiration for technology informers since a long time. Imran is the emerging young blogger ruling tech bloggers.



7. Deepak Kanakaraju Vs. Sorav Jain (Digital Deepak Vs. Sorav Jain)

  • Comparison: Niche
  • Niche: Digital Marketing Tips

A. Deepak. K

Blogger Deepak Kanakaraju







  • Blog as Digital Deepak
  • Website
  • 5355 Indian Alexa Rank
  • 66,327 Global Alexa Rank
  • 77 SEO Score
  • DA: 34.13
  • Monthly Earnings: Not Revealed 
  • @Digital dpak


B. Sorav Jain

Blogger Sorav Jain







  • As Sorav Jain
  • 11,481 Indian Alexa Rank
  • 1,59,444 Global Alexa Rank
  • 67: SEO Score
  • DA: 28.57
  • Earnings Estimated: Not Revealed 
  • @SoravJain

Deepak is Digital Marketing Speaker and Trainer from Bangalore. Overall his rivalry is with digital marketing bloggers in India. One of the opponent warrior is Sorav Jain. Their blogs specialize in Digital and Social Media Tips. Still Sorav strives to over take competitor’s Rank.



8. Jitendra Vaswani Vs. Pradeep Kumar (Bloggers Ideas Vs. Hell Bound Bloggers)

  • Comparison: Niche
  • Niche: Blogger’s Tips

A. Jitendra Vaswani

Blogger Jitendra Vaswani







  • Bloggers Ideas
  • Website
  • 10,141 Indian Alexa Rank
  • 89,315 Global Alexa Rank
  • 76 SEO Score
  • BloggersIdeas DA: 39.72
  • @ Jitendra Blogger


B. Pradeep Kumar

Blogger Pradeep Kumar







  • Hell Bound Bloggers
  • 14,289 Indian Alexa Rank
  • 1,10,397 Global Alexa Rank
  • 69: SEO Score
  • DA: 41.91
  • @Hell Bound Blog

Both bloggers intend to assist bloggers with their crucial blogging tips. Besides Harsh Agarwal these bloggers may become an inspiration for new bloggers.


Other Famous Top Bloggers In India – 

9. Srinivas Tamada

  • 9 Lessons
  • 15,292 Indian Alexa Rank
  • 1,18,390 Global Alexa Rank
  • 71: SEO Score
  • DA: 43.89
  • Srinivas Tamada’s Monthly Income Estimated: Appx. $13000 INR 8,00,000+ Per Month
  • @9lessons

10. Ankit Singla

  • Blogger Tips Tricks
  • Blog
  • 14,366 Indian Alexa Rank
  • 1,06,173 Global Alexa Rank
  • 86: SEO Score
  • DA: 34.12
  • Ankit Singla’s Monthly Income Estimated: Unrevealed

11. Amit Bhawani (Dropping Popularity Terribly)

  • Amit B.
  • Visit Site
  • 63584 Indian Rank (In Sept 2017 Was 28,031)
  • 7,95,663 Global Rank (Sept 2017 Rank 3,25,056)
  • 83: SEO Score
  • DA: 35.44
  • Amit Bhawani’s Monthly Income Estimated: Appx. $30000 INR 19,00,000+ Per Month
  • @AmitBhawani

Observed: Two of the emerging bloggers are literally on the growth stage and would be achieving all more than what they expected as a blogger. Deepak Kanakaraju and Jitendra Vaswani are heading towards influencing title that with a great force.

All In All: Bloggers who guide newbies in starting a blog or making money online rise as an encouraging blogger. Besides just blogging, selling digital items on blog makes it worth. Learn what & How to sell digital products onlineSEO Scores are evaluated over site DA is extracted from 

If you’ve got any blogger better than these bloggers then do let us know. Share crucial blog data, if you think you can be listed in this competing list of top bloggers in India 2018. Comment or Contact with URL and Blogger’s name with Niche for sure. Rest of the metrics would be extracted and calculated by FoeTube. 

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