Top Influencers 2018 – Famous 10 Marketing Influencers In The World To Follow This Year

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Top Influencers 2018 You’d Love To Learn From

Fundamentals of Influencer

Reading out on top influencers 2018 could be too much of motivational, before you move on get familiar with what are the actual fundamentals of influencer.

  • Mega Influencer – Extremely Popular & Recognized Personality viz. Sports Star, Celebrity, Athlete, Social Media Star, Musician or Entrepreneur
  • Macro Influencer – Moderately Known Personality viz. Fitness Trainer, Make Up Artist, Fashion Advisor, Tech Vlogger, Gamer,  CEO or Blogger
  • Micro Influencer – Known Only In Particular Niche or Circle viz. Local Business, Relatives, Friends, Family, Colleagues or College Mates

Learn Influencers With Detailed Infographics

Top Influencers 2018

Top Influencers 2018 – Famous Mega Influencer Marketing Starts Here


Types Of Influencers and Industries

  • Celebrity Influencer
  • Sports Star or Athlete Influencer
  • Musicians
  • Beauty & Fashion Influencer
  • Blogger Influencer
  • Vlogger Influencer
  • Family Influencer
  • Fitness & Health Influencer
  • Social Media Stars
  • Brand Influencer
  • Photographer
  • Editors and Authors
  • Trendsetting Influencer
  • Models
  • Tech Influencer
  • Entrepreneurs & Business
  • Entertainment Influencer
  • Lifestyle & Travel Influencer
  • Advocate Influencer (The on who gives better suggestion before purchasing any product or service providing real experiences and reviews made)
  • Brand Influencer
  • Expert Influencer


Top Influencers 2018 In the World From Different Industries (Updated 15 Nov, 2017)

Listed influencers have got huge popularity as compared to other successful personalities who inspires people a lesser.

1. Mark Zuckerberg – Tech | Programmer & Entrepreneur

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

Every 3 out 5 Facebook users know him. Mark Zuckerberg is a proud co-founder of Facebook, currently designated as CEO and Chairman of the same. He began FB journey from 4th Feb 2004 launching it from his dormitory room of Harvard University. Facebook became a huge success in the history of internet world. Overall Mark has 9.8M Facebook Followers and 3.5M Instagram Followers

Mark’s Net Worth $74.2 Billion USD. Ranked #3 Site In The World (Alexa): Facebook



2. John Rampton – Entrepreneur

John Rampton

John Rampton

The truly influential personality across the web, he’s passionate about marketing businesses. If you’ve started from scratch he is the one who would guide you in making it a billion-dollar business. John is also know as the master of connections, call him the connector, as he knows many efficient people in the industry. He’s got 1.54M Twitter Followers;

John’s Net Worth is $70 Billion USD. Site You can follow


3. Cristiano Ronaldo – Sports Star

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

Whenever we talk about sports star Ronaldo blows the mind overpoweringly. Whether you like his game or not, whether you follow him or not, but you would definitely get impressed by this influential power. As we are acquainted with his profession as a Portuguese Football Player. He plays for a Spanish club named Rel Madrid among the popular one. Ronaldo’s overall Instagram Followers are 115M and 63.7M Twitter Followers.

Ronaldo’s Net Worth $400 Million USD appx


4. Jamie Oliver – Food


British Chef Cum Celebrity Jamie Oliver’s magical English Cuisine turned profitable to many Restaurant and TV shows as well. The most known personalty when we think of Mega Chef Star. Italian, Organic and British cuisines are the core he masters in. Jamie’s Instagram Followers are 6.1M and Twitter Followers 6.93M till now.

Jamie Oliver’s Channel to Subscribe On YouTube. Jamie Oliver’s Net Worth $400 Million USD


5. Selena Gomez – Celebrity

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

The American singer and actress Selena Gomez formed a brand ‘Selena Gomez & The Scenes’ in 2008. The most influential female celebrity has taken over the hearts of millions. Got 129M Instagram Followers and 54.5M Twitter Followers. This is really crazy if you think.

Selena’s Net Worth $50 Million USD appx. Website you should get a glimpse over Selena Gomez



6. Kayla Itsines – Fitness

Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines

Beyond something called top influencers 2018 fitness is the industry over taking major fields in expedite. Kayla is a great example to set we discuss on health and fitness. Kayla Itsines is an Entrepreneur, Author and most importantly an Australian Fitness Trainer. Learning through her eBooks, Meal Plans, Fitness, Workout Guidance and  App is easier to make life mush easier.  She made 7.9 M Instagram Followers and 428K Twitter Followers at the age of 25 only. Blog to follow

Itsines’s Net worth $46 Million USD


7. Chiara Ferragni – Fashion


The powerful fashion influencer in the industry Chiara Ferragni belongs to Italy, currently residing in USA. Her fashion interest has out-stand the fashion sense inspiring millions. Bloggers not only follow her but learn the tactics to stick to, to be in the fashion industry. She has got 10.9 M Instagram Followers and 366K Twitter Followers. 

Chiara’s Net Worth is $12 Million USD. Inspiring Blog to follow:


8. Huda Kattan – Beauty

Huda Kattan

Huda Kattan

In these years, Huda Kattan is the most successful Beauty Influencer, Blogger and Entrepreneur as well. The most known personality in Dubai UAE recognized for her beauty and business. Beautiful products to SHOP; Audience has got really crazy, she made up of 20.5 Million Instagram Followers and 107K Twitter Followers.

Interesting site to glance at   Net Worth $4.5 Million USD


9. Neil Patel – Content Creation & Digital Marketing | Entrepreneur (Mind Booster In Top Influencers 2018)


For obvious Neil Patel has always been an inspiration to young bloggers and marketers. Whether it’s about Entrepreneurship, Blogging or Influence Marketing Neil is ever ready to guide you with genuine tricks based on case study. Basically he belongs to London, England. He has been the master in Content Creation and Digital Marketing. As we all know the brands he formed viz. and worked on &

Neil’s former creation KissMetrics had a great success and the same was sold @ $10 Million USD. He has got 276K Twitter Followers. Glimpse at his Blog


10. Julia Sarinana – Travel

Julia Sarianana

Julia Sarianana

Sarinana represents her daily lifestyle, travel and fashion through Instagram and  blog which she started in 2009. Julia has has her own clothing brand know as Shop Sincerely Jules 4.7 M fans are following her on Instagram. She’s got potentials to collaborate with famous magazines like Elle, Vogue, etc

Julia’s Net Worth is $800,000 USD. Inspiring Blog to follow:




Knowing Top Influencers 2018 Could Bring-Up an Idea and a Huge Change In Your Life. Besides reading out Top Influencers 2018 get to know Top Bloggers In India 2018

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