Are You Sure You Want To Do This? Please Try Again – WordPress Install Theme Error

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Godaddy Host – ‘Are You Sure You Want To Do This? Please Try Again’ – WordPress Install Theme Error

Are You Sure You Want To Do This

Are You Sure You Want To Do This – Please Try Again

This error Are You Sure You Want To Do This? is more common in few hosting service providers, one of those is Godaddy. Numerous clients face and would be facing the same issue though they spend money in domain, hosting and theme; But fail in installing favourite theme.

If you have got a bigger theme, make sure you fulfil Recommended PHP configuration limits as follows:

  • max_execution_time 180
  • memory_limit 128M
  • post_max_size 48M or 64M
  • upload_max_filesize 48M or 64M

You can go beyond these limits if your hosting plan is massive, because for starter plan you get 512MB or a little more or less;  and cannot go beyond.

You don’t require Coding Knowledge, Customer Support or Creation Of PHP.ini file. Just follow mentioned steps and resolve issue in minutes:

  1. Log-In to Hosting Service Provider – Godaddy Account Login
  2. My Products
  3. Web Hosting – Particular Site Hosting ‘Manage’
  4. Cpanel or Cpanel Admin (of a site you want to install theme for)

Or go direct to ‘Manage Hosting’ (top-left) link after login; Select Website and hit ‘Manage’ button.


Crucial Steps To Increase Memory Limit For Theme

  1. ‘Software’ Section – Scroll down to Software section in Cpanel
  2. ‘Select PHP Version’ – Hit the link
  3. ‘Switch To PHP Options’ – Click on it (top-right/left)
  4. Click On Digits Making Changes in following:
Are You Sure You Want Do This Fix Issue

Low Memory By Default – Install Theme Error

  • max_execution_time :: Increase as required for the theme or set upto ‘180’
  • memory_limit :: Default is 128M
  • post_max_size :: Increase to 48M or 64M
  • upload_max_filesize :: Increase to 48M or 64M
Low Memory In Godaddy

Low Memory By Default – Install Theme Error

SAVE the changes you made.

Now you can try installing favourite theme within a minute, sometimes it may take more than a minute if theme is too large.

NOTE: Set size as per required for theme keeping total RAM into consideration.

For example, You are running a starter plan having 30GB overall storage and 512 MB RAM. So you can set total increased limit below 512 MB (128M+64M+64M+Any other increment = 256M). Going beyond the set limit may not resolve the issue.

Several Themes

Contacting theme author or support team is must if you face trouble even after increasing the memory. Do ask about required memory to let theme install smoothly in a minute. Essential plugins may or may not work after resolving the issue. This is directly or indirectly not relevant to Theme Installation Error. But the same problem is commonly faced. You may ask to fix some technical issue related to the theme you installed.  

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