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Vlog That Inspires – Elements Understanding How To Become a YouTuber 2019

Craving to learn how to become a Youtuber in the challenging year 2019?

Not everyone can become a YouTuber, unless one has got dedication and extraordinary concept-cum-content to deliver.

To start a vlog ain’t challenging but becoming a YouTuber comes with ‘Should’ conditions. The query ‘How to become a YouTuber’ has more than 19 Million search results in the year 2018. It shows an extreme hunger within people to become a YouTuber.

Out-of millions how many people do really become what they desire of?

Probably a few in 100s!

These few are none other than those who are dedicated towards their passion, content and excellence of execution. This post won’t discourage but guide those users who literally crave to become a YouTuber in 2019. 

How To Become a YouTuber

How To Become a YouTuber 2019 – Become a Vlogger

The prime footstep to start a vlog is: 

Research On Niche & Competitors

4 Question arises when you intend to step into vlogging:

  1. What Niche I Should Be In? 
  2. Do I Need To Research In-Depth Before Starting My First Vlog Video?
  3. Do I Have To Compare With Competitors In The Same Niche?
  4. Will My Vlog Help Me Making Money In The First Year?

Let’s cover-up each question arised:-

Prior to research

Peek into your skills what you are good at. It could be your interest in Travelling, Sharing Knowledge, Exposing Facts, Advising, Debating, Mimicry or Any skill to go with.

Do not try converting content into plagiarism i.e. copying someone else’s vlog due to his or her popularity. Polishing ‘Inner You’ to execute content seems to be something of potentials. Instead of following others niche it would be healthier to deliver what you truely believe in.

To some extent

Researching on niche is fine to initiate. It assists in strategizing on series of vlog that is included in the plan. Video SEO is the one that has to be researched on, to get content on the first page of the outcome.

In-dept research ain’t required unless you are talking something on the topic about ‘Marketing Strategy’ or ‘Analytics’. For a comedian or musician in-depth scrutiny doesn’t has significance, they all have to show-up their talent that does not require research.

Every vlogger is different.

Their content is different, their way of execution is different; so why to compare? Comparison comes when a vlogger copies something from other professional vlogger to grow owns channel. Unless you are genuine, comparison shouldn’t be the case of seriousness.

Make a Choice

Loyal audience and fame that lasts longer” verses “just audience and money”! For sure, vlogging with a purpose to make money won’t last longer. Who cares even though a channel is active since last 10 years? It’ll always remain useless, unless the matter of value is furnished. 

Try gaining viewers attention in a positive way, building a connection and trust between audience, which would eventually lead to fame, and thus followed by revenue.

In Vlogging, Investment is equal to High Quality Content + Years of Efforts; it finally takes to the realm of vlogging success. 


Ideas To Start a Vlog

Numerous ideas roll around the mind, which is that one idea that take you to the route of popularity? Pre-knowing how to become a YouTuber, grasp into ideas on why to become one. 

Some brain-stimulating ideas you think you are suitable for:

  • Making ‘How To’ Videos – Guiding people with solution to accomplish particular activity or getting rid of the matter someone don’t know how to. This may include How to paint, stunt, escape from stucked in car, physical training, marketing strategies, use of photoshop, starting a blog, tricks and tips in minutes, etc.


  • Remaking Music & Songs – An un-heard and un-imagined creation of music on songs already exist. This niche is one of the most popular vlogging idea to get famous in weeks.


  • Prank Videos – A combination of Logic + Fun that makes people laugh to the fullest.


  • Tutorials Sharing Screen – Resolving Technical or Web related queries from beginning till the end of the outcome.


  • Recreating Epic Movie Scenes (Funny) – Whether Hollywood or Bollywood, extract epic scenes off the movie and recreate it in a fun way. Talent of representing & acting matters here.


  • Updates & News On Business, Politics or Rare Events – It could be damn Serious or more of intending to entertain.

  • Interviews – Target  specific group of people to interview; whether celebrities, sports personalities, entrepreneurs, tech people or varied.


  • Fact & Tirade Video – An opinion of you on something that generates facts, criticism and solution simultaneously. It could be also called as a ‘Rant Video’.


  • Live Events – Revealing live shows, concerts or event to your audience attending music, award or fashion event.


  • Talent Revelation – Being a comedian, gamer or un-common personality executing inner talent that entertains and differs from others.


  • Documentary Videos – Short film or story based on moral topics; representing real events to provide a factual report on a specific subject.


  • Recipe Video – Stand-Out from those who are typical chefs available out there. Bring up some new recipes presenting in new ways that people would love to follow and recommend you.


Adhere To Unique Concept & Define Channel’s Existence

To start a vlog it is requisite to keep blog concept in the mind, even though you don’t do blogging.

A particular blog gets popular only when it is known for a particular subject viz. Technology, Business, Parenting, Treatment, Education, etc.

When a blog consists of random topics inclusive of Bollywood Gossip and Financial Consultancy, it leaves readers & sponsors confused with no-understanding of what exactly the blog is about. On the other hand search engines too conclude its content irrelevant.

Similarly, vlogging has to begin with unique niche to make viewers understand what you always talk about: viz Cooking, Travel or Health Tips; else there’d be no reason for users to subscribe to the channel that does not define its existence.


Target Your Audience

Unless the content relates to ‘Entertainment’ niche that has all types of subscribing audience, no other guy would subscribe to your channel, that targets unrelated audience.

Pre-planning on the notion of a video has few essentials including ‘Target Market’.

Who would be watching your content-ful videos?

Surely not every group of people but those who are interested in the category.

Shoot & Sort‘ the video content as per the target audience, who would expediently grow the number of views, subscribers and encouraging comments.


2 Months Promotion (2 videos)

Relying on hope, to let the magic happen within a night sounds like a fantasy.

Yeah, to agree, some youtubers get millions of views in days and weeks.

But this isn’t because of their luck but the quality of content that people love to watch and share. If you are not the one who’s confident whether your video would go viral or not, promotion is the only way to boost-up the confidence.

Intention to become a brand is something that comes in professional phase, and without promotion of videos at the initial stage it’ll take years to become a known person.

On launching one or more videos, do a performance test examining which video got more views, likes and lead to increase in subscribers.

And the same pillar video is perfect to promote for a month or more. The best schedule to run the video promotion is in the evening till mid-night or in the week-ends. 

To get an instant popularity try promoting at least 2 videos segmenting the schedule.

There are possibilities that it may or may not be in your budget, it is always better to invest a few bucks in promotion of the matter instead of waiting for months to get the video popular on own.

And guess what, it won’t go viral, because every free-thing comes with a limitation and barriers. Whereas, investment never goes waste, it comes back in the form of fame, revenue or positivity that keeps you going!


Achieve Monetization Threshold Of 4k Hours Of Watch-Time & 1000 Subscribers Within 12 months

Monetization is the doorway where you could make desires come true, be it ad revenue.

Might have heard that YouTube has levied some prerequisites to be achieved in order to get the channel enabled for monetisation.

Set a target of gaining more than 2000 subscribers and 4K hours (basically 1,20,000 Views of 2 Minutes Each) in 3 months. Get it done faster promoting video organically on Social Media, Blog, Forum and Paid Ads; Instead of making it slower and wasting productive time. Achieving the given YouTube threshold within 3 months would save rest of your 9 months in focusing on other valuable content and start earning out of it.

How To Edit Videos So Users Watch It Till End

Pre-knowing how to become a Youtuber, it is must to have fundamental skills to start a vlog independently. In case you are an outdoor-vlogger where mostly you shoot outside the premises viz. Adventurous Places, Events, Roads Shows, Streets & Lanes; that means your vlog would be completely different from that of Educational/Info Vlogger (basically vlogging indoor).


Adventure Vlogger Must Have These Editing Skills

Travel vloggers are those who give a complete feel and experience of the new excursions. They should be knowing the master skills as:

  1. Operating DSLR camera & mic
  2. Editing in some fundamental video-editing softwares viz. VideoPad, Windows Movie Maker or Filmora (For professional editing)
  3. Capturing, Splitting, Sorting and Integrating “WOW” moments taken while on the journey
  4. Adding-up relevant INTRO, ANIMATION, EFFECTS & Background MUSIC (wherever required)
  5. Amalgamating ‘Short Trailer’ pre-intro
  6. Polishing climax of the video to let user subscribe
  7. Video SEO with accurate usage of tags and description info

Relevant :: How To Earn $3000 Per Excursion Being a Traveller


Educational / Info Vlogger Must Have These Editing Skills

Info vloggers are those who guide you with something very useful and significant to know. They should be familiar with the skills: 

  1. Handling camera and mic for better audio quality
  2. Basic editing in video editors
  3. High clarity of settings and visual effects to focus main face or an object
  4. Audio editing to avoid background noises
  5. Merge INTRO and Background Sound
  6. Enhancing end-part of the video to gain more subscribers
  7. Writing appealing Video Title, Tags, Description full of info and relevant navigational links
The ‘Must’ Cameras For Vloggers
  1. Canon 80D For Professional Bloggers & Vloggers (Majority of Popular YouTuber’s viz. Technical Guruji, Nikhil Mumbaiker, etc use the 80D cam for vlogging – The clear visual has taken them to the next level)
  2. G7X (Canon) For Beginner Vloggers
  3. 1300D (Canon) For Under-Budget Beginners

Your Vlogging Career Starts Right Here!

Following mentioned skills could be difficult for newbies, the other ways to get it done are: Editing in mobile app, take a help of friend, learn from YouTube tutorials or hire an editor. For promotion of a video and SEO you may hire a professional digital marketer or a company like Clickypage who would help you in growing YouTube channel.


What Additional Equipment Are Required For Vlogging

When you already know how to become a Youtuber, you could also be knowing the prime equipment required, without which vlogging is just incomplete. 

Depending on the location and atmosphere where you are intending to shoot a vlog, furthermore appliances essential to take it the professional stage are: 

    • Making an awesome video with useful conceptual content ain’t all what viewers want, they require one more essential matter that outperforms the videos i.e. Mic

Give an extraordinary sound quality with either Movo, Rode or Micro Mic. If you study bout available Mics in the market ‘Rode’ is the brand seems to be of good quality and expensive too.

At the initial stage I won’t suggest you for Rode mic. But the ‘Movo’ that delivers much better quality than Rode; and it’s available at reasonable rate too. The Mini microphone by ‘Boya’ has won the hearts with it’s killing features, performance and price. If you ask me I would go for ‘Movo’ mic for outdoor shoot and ‘Boya’ for the indoor vlogs at the beginning phase.

Don’t Let Your Vlog Go Crap!
  1. Rode Mic (Suitable For Professional Vlogging)
  2. Movo Mic (Suitable For Beginner Vloggers)
  3. Boya Microphone (Best For Under-Budget Vlogging)


    • Do you really care about lights while shooting? Don’t, if you’ve already got brightness in the house or sun-rays penetrating through the glass windows.

Most of the vloggers find it really comfy shooting outdoors with the natural brightness, ‘no-doubts’ in the day time. Whereas some goal oriented vloggers are damn serious about the visuals and positive feel in the atmosphere. These are the those professional vloggers not ready to compromise with lights through windows or ordinary light in the house. They literally look for a set-up that gives professional feel carrying all required equipment and tools for vlog.

Obviously, why would a true influencer compromise when the question is about the ‘Loyal Audience’!

If you’r one of those potential vloggers find a right Light case and Tripod to stabilize and enhance the videos.

‘Light’ That Enhances Vlog’s Appearance!
  1. Lightdown 18″ Dual Color LED Ring Light for Photo/Video/Vlog/Interview Lighting (Suitable For Professional Vlogging)
  2. Studio Light Softbox (Suitable For Low Budget or Beginner Vloggers)

How To Gain 10k Subscribers Per Month

So now when you are familiar knowing ‘How to become a YouTuber In 2019’, why not learn the magic of gaining loyal subscribers every week.

It takes just a ‘One Impression‘ where viewer hits subscribe button without denying. Before you make any moment YOU HAVE TO PLAN FOR AN ‘IMPRESS-TIMER‘. If the video you finished has a length of 15 minutes, make sure where & how would you add the ‘Moment’ to win the viewers’ heart. 

For instance, you are a chef – So the 1 Impressive Moment could be ‘Fire On Pan’ moment or the UNSEEN way of chopping the veggies in seconds, or could be the presentation skills. 

Consider, you as a comedian – the impressive moment would be one that makes viewers laugh to the fullest.  

Or something that gives goosebumps or highly intellectual information that other YouTubers Can’t Provide.


These are the moments where users subscribe without any compromises. 


Relying on the niche, concept and content quality, a new vlogger could gain subscribers between 5k-10k per month. Some prerequisites need to be followed:

  1. X-Factor Scene‘ of your single video should be in the Beginning to let users don’t skip or ignore your video;
  2. Cinematic moves and effects addition to video;
  3. Add alluring background music (in some parts of the video) – Use royalty free music only or purchase one to over-value your content;
  4. Incorporate free footage wherever required – Don’t use others video or image within the video – YouTube will snatch your money off and count it for video or image owner – Buy instead
  5. Subscribe button on screen
  6. Invite-To-Subscribe
  7. Call to action

Conclusion on ‘How To Become a YouTuber’

The core elements of vlogging I would like to repeat are Helpful Content, Clear Sound and High Quality Visual. Besides what you’ve prepared, the major components of ‘Content‘ should be: Informative/Educational and Entertaining videos. For sure people focus on making a helpful video lacking in adding-up fun into it, they just penetrate on the seriousness that makes video boring too. Integrate some hysterical laughter moments in between (depending on the type of content) so people would enjoy the video ride, further end up being your fan. 

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