How To Make a Career From Travelling | Earn $3000 Starting a Travel Blog As Digital Business

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Make a Career From Travelling | Earn $3000+ P/M Starting a Travel Blog

I guess you already know how to make a career from travelling, could be from capturing beauty, happenings, experiences, tastes, culture, situations, risks, knowledge and more across the destinations you visit, right?

Where did you make money here? It’s all about the feelings and happiness you realized. Moreover it’s the expenditure with no ROI.

How do people earn out-of travelling; Magazines, Photos or something else that’s tangible?

I would say ‘Hell No’ to such effort, where I visit multiple destinations and earn only a few bucks posting experiences in magazine, that’s old tradition that doesn’t work for everyone!

Career through travelling ain’t just an outdoor action but online too.

Relying only on outdoor adventure and photography for magazines won’t make it worth for what you do. But yes, enclosing photography, experiences, tradition and beauty of the world on social media, blog and website could actually take you to millionaire’s ride.

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Let’s Make a Career From Travelling, Earn $3000 Per Month

Assume, you got a good budget travelling to Spain for 6 nights and 7 days. What steps would you take to make $3000+ per month out of this journey. 

Note: You need to collaborate with 3-4 travel companies before moving on to any trip. So that once audience get impressed and excited seeing your on-going jovial experience. They book the same package immediately through your blog. 

Steps to follow and make a career from travelling:

    • Plot points in ‘Google Keep‘ planning the thorough excursion
    • Decide on 1st destination (e.g. Spain) to make a career from travelling
    • Collaborate with travel companies
    • Count your budget
    • Book a hotel at destined place OR get a full travel package from a company you dealt with
    • Pack you bags
    • Carry all necessary stuff required
    • Don’t forget to take camera or HD quality mobile cam
    • Travel with convenient transit (in case destination is local)


  • Capture all the moments and experiences in pictures and videos from beginning till end of the journey.


  • Reach the spot and relax until get refreshed.
  • Begin with popular food spots, restaurant or street food to enjoy the meal and photoshoots.
  • *Create or follow-up Itinerary for 5-6 days where you’d be visiting in Spain e.g. Day 1 to Day 3 – Barcelona City,  Day 4 Pamplona and Day 5 to 7 Madrid.


  • *Make agenda where to attend the festivals and events viz. – Carnival (February), Bull Run and La Tomatina (July & August).

Carnival In Spain

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San Fermin – Running Of The Bulls In Pamplona, Spain (Vega Brothers) ::


La Tomatina

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Excursion To Action – Implement On Plans and Agenda

To make a career from travelling, just moving onto the adventurous trip in not the prime action, but planning and putting all into action should be the goal.

  • Never forget to take pictures with supportive people e.g. Travel Guide, Waiter, Kids, Officers, Interesting and Talkative People around you

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The ‘Must’ Cameras For Travel Bloggers
  1. Canon 80D For Professional Travel Bloggers & Vloggers
  2. Canon G7X For Beginner Bloggers
  3. Canon 1300D For Under-Budget Beginners


  • Interview recognized personalities viz. Entrepreneurs, Your Competitors, Influencers, Casino Manager, Crowd Managers, Carnival Operators, Popular Street Outlet Owners, Festival Managers and so on.


  • Start writing a blog post on your journey to ‘Spain’. Jot down all necessary and interesting moments while your excursion is on-going. Normally bloggers post after journey is finished, you need to make your audience excited to come-up there when you yourself are enjoying there a lot.


  • *Integrate images, embed videos and graph interview in the post. Make post interesting and electrified that user would at least spend 15 minutes reading and watching it.


  • *Create an Interactive image of ‘7 Days Excursion To Spain – Will Go Never If Not Now‘ . Do add-up carnival, Bull run, Tomatina or other festival celebration in the image to attract and encourage users to see what you are offering. Examples of Interactive Image 1 & Image 2.


  • *Build up a plan with features, flight, accommodation, inclusions, exclusions, itinerary, leisure spots, pricing and appeal to experience with loved ones.


  • *Incorporate travel package in the mid of the post and above conclusion as well; If not, integrate it to the sidebar featuring within all the posts.



  • Ensure your post appears as a story, it must narrate a tale for readers and watchers. The best way for a travel blogger is to write a post as a SCREENPLAY + VISUAL that includes Story, Dialogues (Interview), Pictures, Performance (Video), Twists, Climax (Revealing Unknown & Unseen moments happened in the trip) and offers.


Excursion To Digital – Make All Your Activities Go Digital

What else would be better than earning money traditionally & digitally to groom and make a career from travelling. To continue on so:

  • Post all the taken pictures on Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr and Twitter using hashtags.


  • Let users go through your whole blog post and make instant bookings from your post itself. It’s obvious user would be directed to travel company’s plan page for booking process, you just need to add their link into your package banner.


  • Once booking is successful, the percentage of total plan amount (after tax) would be paid to you by travel company after confirmation of visa, flight and required procedure. Note: Documentation process is only required in excursion to foreign countries; local trip’s plan confirmation is a lot more quicker due to minimal prerequisites.

Estimation : — 

$2000 Package (Excluding Tax) × 10% (Assume) = $150 Commission You earn On Each Booking Promote Enthusiastically Till You Achieve Target Of Users For 25 Bookings In a Seasonal Month :: $150 Commission × 25 Bookings = $ 3750 Earning In a Seasonal Month (INR 2,50,000/- Round Fig.) Earned Double Of Your Own Trip You Invested In. If Calculate 2 Seasonal Months Of July and August, Your Income Through Single Trip To Spain Would Be Near About 0.5 Million. Note: International trip would give better earnings compared to local excursions. If you’ve got loyal audience on blog and social media of more than 2000 valuable users each day on blog, expect a rise in number of bookings and earnings from a single trip, and precedes!

The amount you put in visiting several places is actually the money you are investing, for sure investment returns with a profit.

DON’T just go to random places and take pictures to upload; then dream of magic to occur. Plan your journey to make money out of it.




  1. Promote Travel and Holiday Packages – Commission as a Source Of Income
  2. Sell HD Quality Images and Wallpapers (that you get while on trip) – Direct Online Selling as a 2nd Source On Earning
  3. Suggest a Hotel in Particular Destined City – Sponsorship Earnings (Tie-Up With Hotels Is Required)
  4. Sell Third Party Products e.g. Travel Bags, Shoes, Jackets, Sunglasses, etc. – Affiliate Earnings (Tie-Up With Such Companies Required)
  5. Brand Ambassador Of Garment or Travel Bag Companies To Represent Their Products – Contract Fee as a SOI
  6. Representing Shoe Brand – Contract Fee as a SOI


Travel Business + Intermediary + Client + Income & Percent (%) Of It

If you WILL to make a career from travelling and become a professional travel blogger, you got to have connections with Travel Companies first.

This is “The Circle of 3 Players” that contributes to a final deal towards pay & earn. Travel companies basically have ready packages and arrangements for excursion. They just need to find right people to sell their plans. Whereas Intermediaries bring-on customers to those companies. Who are these intermediaries?

Now, how do these intermediaries bring customers digitally?

Surely, through a Personal Blog, Social Media Popularity On Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. Agencies via Tourist Database which is a quite hard to accumulate.

People are smart in going days, they rarely trust travel agencies for hotel bookings or holiday packages. Either they prefer visiting travel company nearby or independently booking online on official website.

As companies are thoroughly responsible for payments received, journey and carefully taking the passenger on & off the board. 30 out of 100 agencies could be less trust-worthy, especially when they deal for long or international trips.

Common complaints heard are negligence of some inclusions, hidden charges at destined place,  unexpectedly inferior customer support, extremely high package costs with poor service comparatively. Highly seen frauds could be non-issuance of visa, post-payments cheat and similar.

Consider, Mr. Anwar from Lucknow planning for Goa trip with family in September, obviously it’d be money-full to take family to leisurely place staying at luxurious resort.

Where should a seeker book the package?

Well, relying on Agency is risky.

Visiting a travel company instead, is difficult due to non-availability nearby.

Finding perfect travel plan on website is tough due to numerous similar packages and unknowing outcomes.

So what is the best way for Mr.Anwar to prefer and trust on?

It’s You!

If you already have ample of experience travelling Goa and staying at luxury hotels and resorts, why don’t you guide Mr.Anwar in selecting a right plan according to the destination!

Hmm, how can you assist him?

Imagine you posted an article on personal blog entitled as ‘Luxurious Trip To Goa‘. And he while browsing on Google come across your blog, collects information, decides on flight to move, knows do’s and don’ts, follow steps to booking, and finally book a whole excursion package right from your blog. How is it, is this possible?

Isn’t this amazing that a blog post you write guides someone and helps to easily make it. Overall it would benefit 3 people, first Customer, Secondly Travel Company who’s Collaborated with you providing valuable Package; thirdly You, as gained user’s trust and made 10% earning out-off plan you just sold while you were asleep!

Travel Companies Collaborate With You

It’s not just you who push efforts to productively make a career from travelling, but travel companies too seek hard for best personalities to present their plans.

These companies consider you as an emerging influencer who could exhibit, elaborate and extend their travel packages to the right audience in the right way, to a great height. All they want is increase in Package Sales and Goodwill, you could be the one to assist them.

As discussed, it is a cycle of 3 who gets benefited, You (Travel Blogger), Travel Company and Respective Customers. Collaboration between travel blogger and travel companies bring a big opportunity for blogger.

Where a blogger integrates the travel package and offer in the blog before visiting a destined place. And further end up writing a post while on the trip, relevant to the excursion. The timing of Publishing Post + Being On The Trip + Offering Travel Package should be at one and the same time.

This would attract interested audience to read your blog, feel your experiences and take the booking action at the same time.

A blogger has to be smart enough to strategize the writing of the post, on-going trip activities and selling travel plan in a right impressive way. But it’s you who has to initiate a business proposal to companies, they willingly won’t come to you!

Don’t Wait Till Travel Entities Come To You

The primary motive a blogger needs to carry on is collaborating with travel companies.

Travel agencies are secondary tie-ups. In case if you are new to travel blog, it’s always better to get acquainted with some travel companies and agencies. These are the first entities as your primary source of income.

Unless you send any proposal to them it’ll become tough to pull money out-of travel blogging.

Steps to deal with travel companies or agencies:

  1. Decide & Enlist the Places you would want to visit in next 12 months
  2. Browse for best companies who offer such travel plans
  3. Introduce your Blog & Benefits
  4. Send Business Proposal to sell-on their packages based on Commission as Return
  5. Set Commission on Per Package (fixed or fluctuating)
  6. Begin your 1st journey (self-investment)
  7. Showcase activities through Blog, YouTube and Social Media
  8. Sale the travel plan navigating to blog
  9. Get your dealt percentage on confirmation

How to set Percentage % Of Commission (POC)

Each travel package has different pricing, advantages, inclusions and conditions. Pricing really doesn’t matter when it comes to POC. The normal rate you deserve on per package is between 10%-30%. Majority of travel companies deal with 10% of commission contract with no negotiations.

Some companies arrange a free trip for influencers to extract best of experience out-of it. Such opportunities is possible to acquire by enthusiastic, active, extremely mind-attractive and unstoppable traveler.

Who Else Pay You To Travel & Earn?

    • Instagram Sponsors
    • YouTube Sponsors
    • Garments, Traveler’s Bag, Shoe Companies To Promote Products

Conclusion: If you’ve got no plan before going on any trip, probably this is waste of time, money and energy. When you cannot make a single penny out of your single trip, it’s of no use becoming a travel blogger. Strategize on how to make a career from travelling. In-depth, travel blog is not just about doing business, but attaching the feelings of readers and audience to the destination, this is what helps in making money!

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