How To Drive Traffic To Old Blog Posts That Fetches 200% Visitors Promoting Less

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Get Your Old Blog Posts To Drive & Increase Traffic (100% × 2) Comparatively

Is this worth knowing, How Your ‘Old Blog Posts’ Can Fetch 200% and More Traffic Than Before! According to expert marketers cum bloggers like Neil Patel and Darren Rowse old blog posts has more potentials to gather visitors when a question arises over trustworthiness of a blog. This is because it builds up the reputation being on the consistent rank. 

Old blog posts are like golden magnets that are precious and traffic-driving sources.

Why such old posts are treated the most exceptional when compared to new posts? This is because its presence in the google search at better position itself is an evidence enough disclosing quality, popularity, genuineness and productivity comparing to others.

Bloggers primarily focus on new blog posts due to its freshness and updated content. Passing on days, weeks and month such posts take a gradual mode ending up in unproductive matter or in the trash.

When you’ve already spent valuable hours on researching and writing a blog, why to bury those then? Just because it does not appear on the first page of Google? or it has no traffic as foreseen?


Why Old Blog Posts Can Drive 100% × 2 Traffic 

How ‘Old Blog Posts’ Can Fetch 100% × 2 Traffic Than Before

We already discussed on why old posts are more of significance than the freshly published ones. Here we now explore more about OLD BLOG POSTS (with less/no traffic) Vs. OLD BLOG POSTS (with more traffic). 

No Traffic = 0% Traffic

Good / Sufficient Traffic = 100% Traffic as Expected

Well Planned or Unexpected Traffic = 200% Traffic / Twice of 100%


Acceptable calculation is from 0% to 100% of traffic i.e. upto the range where traffic is expected or sufficient to make profit. Traffic beyond 100% is a bit doubtful. Ain’t it possible to double the traffic that already is profitable for you? Well, yes this is nothing like a secret to double the traffic but just a sensible way to plan and put into action.

Before Beginning Follow-up These Steps:

  • Make a list of blog posts that has a good traffic
  • Note down the number of responses / comments received on same posts
  • Examine when (year) your traffic increased and then dropped
  • Look into the number of times you modified it

Above steps are mandatory to be taken under consideration before working onto increasing traffic.


Vital Prerequisites To Drive Traffic To Old Blog Posts


  •  Update Old Posts Every Week – Stop Being Indolent

Updating is a Confession That Your Content Is Alive!

Priority of Google is to position high quality updated and helpful content results. Updating old posts regularly is a fragrance that would literally buzz Google to look into what’s new in your plate!

Hence, gets your rank better week by week.


  • Slight Change In ‘SEO Title’ – I Know It’s Scary To See Result

Old SEO drive better results when goes mature weeks by weeks. Still no change in SEO strategy by years may drop CTR terribly.

One of my blogs is positioned sharp on the 1st position of the 1st page for a competitive keyword. In the initial quarter of 2018 it drove huge traffic as the post was mostly based on periodic update of marketers. Gradually it started dropping traffic even though it had high quality content and timely updates.

How I came to know about this is, through insights, where I examined that in the first 4 months of 2018 the users spent average of between 5 to 20 minutes on the post with reduced bounce rate, whereas now they spend about 50 seconds to max 1 minute on the same post. This has happened because they are seeing same SEO Title since last 6 months and Same Content Read 6 months prior. It was hard for me to bring-up changes, but I had to.

90% + bloggers are really scared to make major changes in SEO for a content that already has a good position in search engines. We are only worried about loosing the rank and drop in traffic.

But seriously if you don’t update the SEO Title your CTR would terrible reduce.

Think out-of-the-box! We cannot set a music on search engine to buzz and attract users to click.

Humorous Example – What makes a zombie follow you? Indeed visibility and sound. In such a dense search engine where visibility is difficult; and you curiously want to attract the audience – just make a loud tone, and people follow you!

Consider users as walkers, but your loud tone here would be appealing SEO TITLE! Literally, SEO Title is alike music on search engine, whichever Title has higher tune wins the game. This is going to dazzle impressive numbers of returning and new visitors leading to CTR improvement.

Just make sure, you update inner content as well to avoid the increased bounce rate.


  • Set Goal For Every Blog Post – Don’t Over-Force Users To Take Action

Every blog post is different, thus has different goals, your post goal could be:

  • Make Sales on blog post
  • Worth Whareable
  • Drive Traffic-In
  • Sell Ad Spaces
  • Downloadable Products to Offer
  • Showcasing Designs and Creativity
  • Personal Branding and Marketing Valuable Talent

If you have not set goals on old blog posts, integrate today making old posts more productive.

Avoid being business-addict, never force users to purchase or market something. Beware! users are smart now, they clearly understand whether author is trying to help them out or sell something intending to make money out of it. Instead, appeal them elaborating benefits on taking action. Leave everything else unto users and let them do whatever they feel like.


  • ‘Prolong’ Old Blog Posts When You Already Know Google Loves It

Have you ever seen a 300 words post ranking sharp between 1-3 positions of the page? Sounds like a reverie. If this is worth it, why don’t marketers, strategists and SEOs deliver short posts? Well a detailed-long and sensible post delivers genuine content with real experiences. Thus, gains user attention and assurance over the matter.

Analytical Results you see on ‘Long Old Posts’:

  1. Less Bounce Rate
  2. Improved Time Spent
  3. Increased Pageviews
  4. More Returning Visitors


  • Transform Blog Post Into Video

We know it requires a little more effort + skills! But the sensibility of video would induce watchers to hit the blog link in the description or within the video. The difference between the blog and video is, blog is long explanatory matter that comes with resolution; whereas video is a quick and impressive way to gain user’s trust.

Once you win watchers interest, you could be able to land them on your blogging platform, and that is without hesitation. 


  • Re-Post Old Content On Social Media With Effective Heading & Image

Whether it’s Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook; Repeated posts on social media horrifyingly looses followers, as this distracts new users. More than 1/2 of your followers would be gone seeing duplicated posts, this concludes that you ain’t creative enough to allocate knowledge. The only thing when you’ve posted a matter months ago, do post it again with appealing headline and improved image. Ensure post has been updated prior taking such action. There’s a way to examine a blog post whether it is liable to re-post on social media, that is, analyzing Bounce Rate and Time Spent On Same Post. When an improvement is seen, say it is now eligible to re-post socially.


  • Does Readability Shows Green Signal Within The Post? ‘Improve Readability’ If Not

Who cares what amazing stuff you’ve got to offer inside the content! You already know people like to read clean, clear and understandable matter that is helpful and shareable. When Readability in post has red mark, that indicates your content is absolutely NOT CLEAN, CLEAR and UNDERSTANDABLE. Basically no-one would believe whether it is helpful; and definitely Non-Shareable in any case.

70% of authors don’t give a damn about readability, they just focus on SEO. This is where they lack and see a drop in ranking even though SEO is mastered.


  • Make Post Eye-Catching Than Before One

Old posts are basically our old thoughts, we keep on reinventing content. Integrating new thoughts to it won’t harm. Create a new appearance of the post changing a bit of design, heading color, images and rich media. Let users assume this a fresh post, while you already know the same is renovated one.

Note: Changing ‘publish date’ or ‘update date’ to cheat users won’t work, you’ve got to make visual alterations that differs from old content.

How Can You Make Old Blog Posts Hot & Happening?

Embedding YouTube Video has become a bit old strategy. To make your old blog post appear hot till date, just embed crucial Instagram Post and Twitter Tweets. These, you can change on timely basis relying on what’s trending in your competition.

Instagram is the ‘Means’ that brings up fun, knowledge and profit to the efforts you put on the blog. One of my popular posts How To Make a Career Out Of Instagram has made the post look elegant and drives satisfying traffic as well.

Accumulating more knowledgeable stuff and plotting same on relevant old posts is more worth it than creating tons of back to back new-born posts!


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