Beginners Sell Blog Posts – List Of Blogs That Pay You For Writing Guest Posts From $2 to $300

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It’s Time To Sell Blog Post – Follow The List Of 10 Blog Sites & Get Paid to Blog For Writing Guest Posts & ARTICES

Get Paid To Blog? Isn’t that awesome! Which blogger pays you for guest post? They would either ask you to pay for posting on their blog or just ignore your request. Call it a Selfish Pro-blogger strategy. 

Almost 90% of new bloggers lose their hope of earning in the very first month of blogging. Well it’s called ‘Day Dreaming’. Every blog takes time to start earning, at least 2-3 years or more. Your blog will be worth it and valuable only after sacrificing 4+ Years & Consistent 10 Hours a Day Efforts with ample of tricks . 

No matter if you are new to blog. Or Are you blogging since last 3-4 years but still can’t accumulate $100 or less? Nevertheless of  tons of blog conditions you need to follow. The only activity that can lead you to earn in the first month of blogging is ‘Selling Blog Post‘. In other words you may say, Get Paid To Blog / Get Paid For Guest Posting. Few numbers of emerging blog portals are offering these opportunities to new and every interested blogger to earn. The only condition you need to agree with is the content you post should be of High Quality and 100% Original (not to post elsewhere)

Usually famous bloggers don’t pay you for guest post, all they do is grab your knowledge and idea for their blogs. The favour of backlink ain’t enough for you to get popular. Most embarrassing thing is that they hardly allow for guest posting to newbies. Even if they allow to post, it would be with no consideration for you. For beginners to make money online from blog, this is the first and the best way to Sell Blog Posts Online. All in all Guest Posting; and get paid to blog with proud. 


How Guest Posts Are Helpful

  • Get Paid For Every Guest Post You Make On Other Payer Site
  • Introduce Your Blog and Yourself
  • Get a Backlink For Your Personal Blog
  • Make Yourself Recognized On Social Media By Other Sites
  • Get Indexed By Google as an Author In Organic Search 
  • Gain Google’s Trust That Your Work Is Clean, Helpful and Reputed
  • *Link Your Personal Blog To Guest Post as External Link – This Improves On-Page SEO



Don’t jump to the highest paying blog sites. For the reason that they are more with expectation of Articles written by Experience blogger, and not the newbie. Even if you submit blog to highest paid blog site, it may reject your application on first and second trial. That may affect your reputation. The best way to start a Guest Post and get paid, target a blog site that pays you minimum of $1 or a little more per guest post. Every ‘Payer Blog Site’ has a certain limit of quality demand and word quantity that it wants as per fee set per post. 


Here is the list of Tech and Business Blog Sites That Pay You For Guest Post & You Can Sell Blog Post Easily:

Tech Blog Sites – Get Paid To Blog

#1 LabMice

LabMice is a part of Windows Network. Blog is about Windows 2000 / 2003 / XP Resource center for IT Professionals who manage and support Microsoft matter.

  • Pays: Appx $60 Min to $100 each article (between 1000 to 1500 words)
  • Author Page Displayed: Not Sure
  • Any link allowed in Author Page: Restricted / No

#2 Linode

Linode is virtual server provider company. Blog is about SSD Cloud Hosting and Linux Servers.

  • Pays: Appx $250 each article
  • Author Page Displayed: Moderate
  • Any link allowed in Author Page: Restricted / No
#3 AppStrom

Appstorm is a blog about Devices, Software, Gadgets and more. Interested Tech & Computer writers and users with suitable knowledge can apply for Guest Post.

  • Pays: $60 Appx
  • Author Page Displayed: Yes
  • Is any links allowed in Author Page: Restricted / No
#4 *FoeTube

FoeTube is an Indian Tech Blog & Vlog Site. Revealing Digital facts and tricks is one of the following strategy. Niche comprise of Tech, Digital Marketing, SEO & Score Improvement, Google’s Hidden Features and Tips, Alexa Ranking, Start a Blog For Success; Sell Infographics, Icons & Royalty Free Digital Images from Digital Store.

FoeTube offers quick payment for New Beginners and Pro Bloggers to make money by Guest Post. Starting a minimal amount,  and further raised up to $100 (each post everytime) when your last post reaches 4000+ Pageviews per day from different locations. It seems to be one of the India’s future-base blog for Tech, Design and Digital Marketing bloggers.

  • Pays: $2 to $100 Per Guest Post for 550 Words Each post to requested quantity 
  • Author Page Displayed: Yes. Feed as much info as possible, no restrictions at all.
  • Is any link allowable in Author Page: Yes (Incorporate any link, but your personal blog must link to this guest post)
#5 *Developer Tutorials

It helps ordinary people to create extra-ordinary websites. Blog is more about tutorials in Linux, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, Photoshop and Illustrator. People find useful developers’ resources here. Programmers and designers can benefit their work here. 

  • Pays: Not Revealed. Possibilities to know on application.
  • Author Page Displayed: Yes
  • Is any link allowed in Author Page: Yes (Any link can be incorporated)

Business Blog Sites

#6 *Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur blog is an home for entrepreneurs. An insight, profile and guide for established and potential entrepreneurs across the globe.

  • Pays: Appx $1 for 1 word
  • Author Page Displayed: Yes
  • Any link allowed in Author Page: Yes. With no restrictions

#7 ECommerce Insider

Blog with plenty of information for online retailers, advertisers and digital marketers.

  • Pays: Appx $75 to $150 for 450 plus to 650 plus words each article
  • Author Page Displayed: Yes. No Restrictions at all
  • Any link allowed in Author Page: Restricted / No
#8 Your Online Biz

Blog that helps in growing online business by attracting targeted traffic, converting visitors and increasing revenue.

  • Pays: Appx $100 each article
  • Author Page Displayed: No / Restricted
  • Any link allowed in Author Page: Not Sure
#9 *Work Online Blog

Writers new to business niche can start here to learn and earn online stuff.

  • Pays: Appx $50 each article
  • Author Page Displayed: Yes. With no Restriction
  • Any link allowed in Author Page: Restricted / No
#10 B Michelle Pippin

Blog with powerful marketing strategy for small business to generate leads, increase clients and profit.

  • Pays: Appx $50 to $150 each article
  • Author Page Displayed: Restricted / No
  • Any link allowed in Author Page: Restricted / No

Apply for Blog Site that allows you To Display Author and Your Link (backlink to your site). Afterall it is the matter of your efforts and reputation you build up. There are several blog portals that allow you to write an article and get paid to blog, but most of them got some restrictions. You may apply from $1 or $2 per post, this would bring up confidence to move on highest paying blog. 

Note: Request star marked blog portals in the list for Guest Posting. As these blogs will help you display your author profile with any link you want to add. 

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