Why My Site Is Not Showing In Google Search – 91% SEO Failure

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Several Reasons Why My Site Is Not Showing In Google Search

On multiple tries, if your site is not being showed up in Google, there could be 2 core reasons behind Why My Site Is Not Showing In Google Search:

  • Extremely Huge Competition; or
  • Terrible SEO You Have Implemented

These 2 cases are to be evaluated before considering any thought.

Why My Site Is Not Showing In Google

Why My Site Is Not Showing In Google Search

In Case Of Huge Competition

1. No Strategic Planning

You truly don’t get a damn right to appear on the first of Google if you are extremely bad at planning SEO. Don’t even imagine when it comes to a huge keyword competition. Being too rude? Well that’s what everyone should know. To get positioned in the earliest page of Google, you have got to do more than required efforts following 14 SEO Elements To Rank On The First Page Of Google.


2. Short Length Keyword – Choose Specific

When you already know you are new to the competition, then why to set short length keyword? Who knows you dear? You are neither Amazon or Forbes nor Wiki to appear on the 1st page for every relevant and short term. Not to ignore: Always focus on 4+ words keyword when you see a tough competition. Instead of dangling on 10th page for 2 words keyword, appear on 2nd page with 4 words keyword, isn’t this better! Short length keywords would always let you suffer, to get appeared for 2 keywords phrase you’ve got to go through 3-4 phrase stages. 

  • 5+ keywords phrase (e.g. Mexican Cuisine Restaurants In Mumbai Suburb) – With 3% Keyword Density across the website
  • 4+ keywords phrase (e.g. Mexican Cuisine Restaurants In Mumbai) – With 3.2% Keyword Density across the website
  • 3+ keywords phrase (e.g. Mexican Cuisine Restaurants) – With 3.5% Keyword Density across the website
  • 2+ keywords phrase (e.g. Mexican Cuisine) – With 4% Keyword Density across the website

Before you follow-up such stages, study on how to set long tail keywords, because unless you succeed in setting-up & planning on long-tail keywords, don’t expect for a shorter search string.

Crucials Of Long-Tail Keywords:

  1. Title Segmentation
  2. Prime Words Targeting
  3. Set 2-Queries Keywords (Probably once you realize recognition)

How To Use Long-Tail Keywords – Shape SEO

In Case Of terrible SEO

91% Of failures come through senseless SEO. No matter what you wonder about ‘Why My Site Is Not Showing In Google Search‘? Assuring These Could Be The 9 Fail Factors You Would Want To Look Into:

1. Your Website Is Too Short To Compete

Short website means less links, which is rarely eligible to get noticed. Google bots may crawl your site but hardly index it, as it would not find valuable content to offer. Beginners, Starters or Newbies habitually make a blunder of delivering less quantity of links and content. The cause behind is, having no experience in PLANNING, SEO STRATEGIZING and IMPLEMENTATION. Every person new to SEO always rushes towards being seen in Google without really creating more than 3-4 pages at the initial point. Well that’s not that easy! For any website to get visible in SE requires at least more than 7-8 pages a minimum, if you really intend about dedicated branding. In regards of Blog definitely go with minimum of 15-20 quality blog posts. Give a ship-like-feel to your site instead of a float tube to get visible in an Ocean-like-Engine ‘Google’.


2. Content Quantity Is Less Than Required

500 to 1500 words a minimum. Google will never serve your site with incomplete and useless information to its valuable users. Who cares about 2000+ words on the page? In fact No One! Everything that matters is the Unique Content that Of High Quality. Whether it’s an Individual or Search Engine both prefers the quality over quantity. To make a note: High Level content is always shown on the first page of Google! Such a productive content creation would never let you ask again why my site is not showing in Google Search?


3. Copied Content – Plagiarism Detected!

What is content by the way? All that you can See, Play and Read is the Content of the Page. No matter how well you execute, if found copying it from elsewhere, expect the site on the edge over spamming. Not to disagree, content is firstly for users and the customers. Then comes the Search Engine.


4. Inaccurate Meta Tags, Title & Heading

Rudimentary of SEO that every digital marketer and SEOs must go through is integrating Meta Data accurately on the page as required. Heading <h1> comes first beginning on the top. It basically tells a visitors and SE what the page is about. Feeding too many <H> tags or missing any of it may adversely affect the SEO score. Title and Description describes the page in Search Engine. It actually elaborates the appearance of result in SE. Title explains a page in just 1 sentence, along with the name of a site or brand associated. Whereas Meta Description illuminates content inside the page in 2 sentences, including the focus keyword as well. Inaccuracy in fundamentals of SEO shouldn’t be taken lightly, it literally demeans the person who worked on so.  

5. Over or Under Usage Of Keyword

The direct way of letting a site get SPAM or BLACK LIST is stuffing keywords within the content. Maintaining keyword density between 2% to 4% would be the best depending on the number of words in the matter/article. Ensure it doesn’t goes under or beyond the limit.


6. No Submission To Web Master Tools

Who cares how much did you hammered away in gaining attention. In order to win users heart you’ve got to impress Google in the way it wants you to go on. The only way to buzz Google is adding site to WebMaster Tools. Submission of XML Sitemap is as significant as SEO for Organic Traffic. Non-submission to Google Master Tools may cause a site to suffer in a long run due to no-indexing.


7. Wrong SEO Strategy

Irrelevancy between keywords, content and meta tags is going to drown you thoroughly. Inconsequential how well did you do in SEO, irrelevant matter would worsen the outcome. It may cause trust issue within users. For instance, a user searching “How To Get On First Page Of Google Search In 1 Hour” comes across a blog “How To Get On The First Page Of Google Creating Ad Campaign“, which is undeniably irrelevant. 1st Query asks organic ways about SEO to get on first page of Google, whereas 2nd query is more about paid ad campaign in Adwords.


8. Explain / Answer Users In Better Way

In case you fail in providing accurate info what user is actually seeking for, your site may move unto other later pages in expedite horrifyingly. No one can answer your query honestly ‘Why My Site Is Not Showing In Google Search’? Google literally doesn’t care about how loyal you were or immense efforts you put in, User Satisfaction is the only outcome it craves for.


9. International SEO Mistakes – Language, Localisation and Country Targeting

People make a silly mistake while selecting a domain of a website. All in all domain has a direct relation to targeting country.

Country Targeting

It primarily relies on your purpose and goal of business. If your website intends to target a specific country like United Kingdom, get a local domain viz. www.mysite.co.uk ; Regardless, opt in for .COM domain for international target market. You cannot expect traffic across the world if you have already set a particular country for driving visitors. To be noted that Google understands the scope and reach of a domain depending on its extension (.in, .au, .us, .com and so on)


Extremely intentional mistake users do for international market exposure of a site is setting Automated Language Tools. Such tools let visitors translate the page content and understand what the page is about. This could be better at visitors end, but worse at Search Engine’s consideration. Reason behind this is, Search Engine gets confused with default language of website and considers it SPAM worsening the ranking and position of a website. Note: Never use Language Translator Tools.

Substitute for international customers could be getting your content translated by a Professional Certified Translator which is a bit expensive but better option to impress Google. For instance, you are selling a Shampoo and Products from India to UAE. In such a case you may create 2 different pages for same product but in 2 different languages viz. English for Indians; and Arabic for UAE Customers.


Localizing a business in any other country could be difficult unless the same has a unique page identity in targeted language. Query on Why My Site Is Not Showing In Google Search may have the localizing issues. These issues are relevant to Local Business Addresses, Products Available, Business Hours and Currency of the country. When you’ve already localized the business globally, International SEO would definitely work in driving potential massive traffic on site.

Even After You follow Up Everything Perfectly as mentioned above, And a question still raises Why My Site Is Not Showing In Google Search? Get a SEO Test done in minutes. This would give a clear picture of efforts you did over On-Site SEO. Know website’s SEO Score instead of getting disappointed. Recommended SEO Test Tools SmallSEOTools and SEOSiteCheckUp.

When score goes beyond 80% that narrates the story how you passionately worked on SEO to appear in Google Search. On the other side when score is seen below 55%, it states you to literally work more on it. Tools mentioned would elaborate improvements to make in certain section of SEO element.


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