How To Add WhatsApp Share Button In WordPress and Mobile For Free

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How To Add WhatsApp Share Button In WordPress and Mobile For Free:: 

Sharing has become effectual method of driving traffic to the site. Sharing on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter have limited access. Logging in before sharing matter is mandatory. Majority of users skip the share option due to logging hassle. Shared matter on desktop has rare possibilities of reshare. Asking how to add WhatsApp share button in WordPress and Mobile is not a new question. But it is worth, exploring for right answer is all time new strategy of learning technology. 

WhatsApp is drove by majority of people across the globe. It is one of the most shareable medium. Besides friendly and family sharing, WhatApp has entered into businesses. Make your blog or content easily shareable on desktop and mobile. Typical share icon has become an old style. A plugin introduces ‘Floating’ feature to display WhatsApp icon above the matter. This feature has advanced appearance of floating over the mobile screen while scrolling. Further floating WhatsApp icon can be fix to left and right. View-able vertically and horizontally as well. Plugin that I would personally recommend is ‘AddToAny’. Other similar plugins got paid option to float. Let me show you how to add WhatsApp share button in WordPress and Mobile for free.


‘AddToAny’ Plugin

Add to any plugin

Add to any plugin


how to add WhatsApp share button in WordPress and Mobile

  • Add New Plugin ‘AddToAny’
  • Select Plugin with Plus logo as shown above
  • Activate and go to Settings. You’ll find it in the same name.
  • Click on ‘Standard’ feature on top left
  • Don’t change icon size. Let it be 32 pixels.
  • Hit on ‘Add Remove Services’
  • Select icons you want to display on desktop and mobile
  • Suggestion : Select 5 to 7 social icons for mobile view
  • Select WhatsApp as well
  • Scroll down to ‘Universal Button’ feature with Plus sign
  • You may set customise icon, Text or disable feature
  • Set Sharing Header Text, for example: ‘Share’ or ‘Share My Tips’
  • Set icons’ placement to bottom, top or both
  • Uncheck ‘Menu Options’ to display selected icons instead of only Universal button
  • Keep other Advanced feature untouched 
  • Save changes

Now you can have look at your desktop site or mobile site with these sharing buttons. But this would be a typical form of appearance. For knowing how to add WhatsApp share button in WordPress and Mobile with advance floating feature, continue reading. 


Floating feature for mobile and shareable page

  • ‘AddToAny’ WordPress Plugin — Settings
  • Click on ‘Floating’ feature next to Standard feature
  • You would see 2 sets of settings viz. ‘Vertical Buttons’ for Desktop view and ‘Horizontal Buttons’ for Mobile view
  • Set Placement to Left or Right docked which is alignment basically
  • Keep ‘Responsiveness, Position, Offset and Size’ untouched. If you got advanced knowledge then go ahead modifying settings.
  • Set its Placement to Right or left docked aligning suitably 
  • Let other settings be default. Modify if you got advanced setting knowledge.

Save the changes once done. Now you would see an appealing look of social share buttons on desktop and mobile for sure. You’d definitely love sharing new appearance on your site making it look 101% professional. 

WhatsApp For Business

  • Helpful in sharing recent info on site
  • Share physical product’s data
  • Share digital downloadable products [Learn How to Sell Digital Products Online Easily]
  • Sharing Business Launch or Tutorial Videos
  • Branding and Promotions giving a message to viewers
  • Releasing monthly offers leading to viral 

Other bloggers have been promoting other shareable plugins. 

Get social plugin

Get social plugin

They got the same concept of how to add WhatsApp share button in WordPress and Mobile. Difference between their tips and my tips are that they offer similar plugin with Paid Services. Whereas FoeTube is suggesting for qualitative and helpful plugin for Free. You may try installing these plugins as well at a first try.




social warfare

social warfare

These plugins are worth it, but ain’t suitable for new bloggers or beginner. Guys with low budget would find it expensive in unnecessarily buying plugin’s pro plan. 





Hereafter you can learn How to Receive Message on WhatsApp from Website Without Showing Number [to be posted soon]. What Wiki says about WhatsApp.

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