What Is Alexa Terribly Lacking In Over Alexa Ranking Factors?

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Alexa Can Improve Its Features Besides Alexa Ranking Factors

What are the elements Alexa is lacking in? As SEO has various analytical tools to make it much better resolving issues, this is what Alexa Traffic Rank doesn’t have. Despite of Alexa Ranking Factors, don’t you think Alexa must have analytical tools to understand why particular website or blog is ranked on that position. Further plotting detailed metrics on how to fix problems and activities to do making it easier to boost rank.

Although it has minimal analytics viz. GR & CR Ranks, Backlinks, Bounce Rate, Daily Pageviews Per Visitor, Daily Time On Site Spent, etc. These metrics aren’t enough to resolve rank improving issue.

To overcome from unanswerable typical question ‘Why Am I Not Ranking Below 10,000?‘ only Alexa has to come with a solution to make improvements in particular web activities.

I have come across major analytical elements that Alexa must have as Alexa Analytics:

#1 Alexa Audit

Alexa Ranking Factors

Alexa Rank For Problogger

↓↓↓ This how Alexa should plot its valuable metrics with in-depth explanation: 

  • Why Global Rank (GR) 40,132? Your GR is 40,132 because you have got 12,153 number of daily unique users traffic

Required Estimation

  • To Reach below Rank 30,000 :: Post 5+ times in a week, drive 1000 social media traffic to the site as referral, Overall traffic required 30K+ users per day
  • Reach below Rank 10,000 :: Post 20+ times in a week, drive 5000 social media traffic to the site as referral, Overall traffic required 100K users per day
  • Reaching below Rank 1000 :: Post 30+ times in a week, drive 7000 social media traffic to the site as referral, Overall traffic required 1M+ users per day
  • For Sharp #1 Rank :: Post 50+ times in a week, drive  20+K social media traffic to the site as referral, Overall traffic required 1+ Billion users per day as equal as Google has

Vice versa for country rank whether it’s United States, UK, India or any country.

Note: No matter if you get a guest post, try reaching certain number of posts required.


#2 Post Frequency For YourSite.com

Only 5 Posts Are Seen In Appx 7 Days 

or it could be different for different blogs viz. 4 Posts Are Seen In Appx 15 Days; or 1 Post Is Seen In Appx 7 Days; or 15 Posts Are Seen In Appx 5 Days

#3 Social Media Traffic

Your Overall Social Media Traffic Is Appx 100 Navigations / Referrals Per Day

Note: This is How Social Media Referral Calculation Should Be.


#4 Quality Backlinks

You’ve got 673 Backlinks Off which 601 are of Good Quality and remaining Inferior

Know: This Would Clarify How Valuable Your Backlinks Are.


#5 Alexa Improvement Score

Overall Score – 61

Every user expects how well and hard they are working to boost alexa rank. Understanding the score would let them modify strategies to rank in much better position.


Actions To Take (Inclusive Alexa Ranking Factors):

These actions are to reach the stage where you are still behind, vice versa changes to be seen once you keep on enhancing.

  1. Needs Major Improvement In Increasing Social Media Referrals Upto 1000 Users a Day
  2. Number Of Times Blog Posts Is Ok But Increase It Upto 10+ Posts a Week
  3. Get More High Authority & Quality Backlinks At Least 100 More

(Mentioned figures are just for explanation as an example to reach from 100K rank to 50K rank. Expect increase in figures further)

This is how Alexa Traffic Rank analytical metric should be in actual. Let’s discuss on how Alexa can make itself better than justifying Alexa Ranking Factors only.

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