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SEO Techniques Over SEO Trends That Work Astoundingly :: Grasp The Best SEO Strategies 2019

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If compared previous year of 2018, popular SEO experts viz. Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin & Brian Dean thaught numerous techniques to implement for better ranking. Even though you failed in SEO, not to worry, the reinvigorate year of 2019 has brought some effective concepts to work on. Let’s move onto the SEO Strategy 2019 before competitors implement on same.


Well, the prime formula of SEO is to put a matter into action before someone else do it.


SEO Strategy 2019

SEO Strategy 2019

Act on these steps before you look into the Best SEO Strategy 2019

  • Check SEO Score Of Your Website
  • Examine Readability Score Of All Pages
  • Check Alexa Rank of Your Website

Evaluating the scores could seem awkward seeing terrible result. SEO score is the actual mirror of efforts you’ve added to site. Can’t blame anyone when the metrics goes below average.

Who cares how heavy and helpful content you jotted on the page, when readability is damn below what’s required?

However, SEO ain’t related to Alexa Ranking, but at least it discloses how well SEO is optimized that drives impressive traffic heading to popularity.

To some extent you may get frustrated seeing results on 3+ pages instead of what expected. That’s normal when to a new blog or a website.

Are you seeing worst SEO score and rank of old website even though you worked hard on it?

Not a big deal!

To every problem there’s a solution!

Popular bloggers’ site viz ShoutMeLoud, NeilPatel and similar may just advice you to do & improve specific things; Even though they intend it’s hard for them to individually look into everyone’s issue. The better way is to learn SEO Techniques on own and implement those on your site.

Well every marketer wants his/her site to always get on the top i.e. beyond the endeavour.

Is your site worth it being showed on the 1st page of Google instead that of other SEO experts?

Not to give you false hopes, but help you out with the facts that would not only improvise the SEO skills, but will make Google love your site.


Basic tips every SEO blogger gives you are:

  1. Select Niche
  2. Research Keywords
  3. Mobile Search Friendly
  4. Link Building
  5. Set Long-Tail Focus Keyword
  6. Use Keyword In Title, Heading Tags, Description, URL / Permalink and Content of the Blog or Page
  7. Maintain Keyword Density
  8. Install this and that Plugins!

Uhh…. What’s new in that? Well did you try all these?

We know these techniques are a bit older. If you haven’t tried those, then do it now. Because ahead of this we would be engrossed into the advanced SEO Strategy 2019.

Let Google Fall In Love With Your Own SEO Strategies

Let’s make a visual checklist. Just answer Yes or No when we compare ‘Our SEO Strategies’ with ‘Your SEO’. Let’s begin –

Content Quantity Matters – SEO

 1. 2000 Words Of Qualitative Content – Is your content Inclusive Of 2000 words?

If answer is Yes, move onto the next point.

If it is not, then analyse your blog post’s Word Quantity + Quality too.

Here, just chucking 1500-2000 numbers of words won’t feed Google’s stomach. It should be meaningful and helpful, plus healthy and rewarding for users, not just stuffed.

When you’ve committed writing an interesting blog, why not make it worth it! why leave it incomplete;

Elaborate everything that matters!


2. AMP Incorporation – Is It Done On Your Side?

Incorporate ‘Accelerated Mobile Pages’ to your blog or website. This would give a great user experience enhancing the appearance of the post on mobile. It improves page load time along with beautifying your pages.

For WordPress users several AMP plugins are available in plugins section to install. You got nothing to do after activation of AMP. Google automatically modifies the look of site gradually.

Once activated, it takes 2 weeks to 30 days to appear AMP in search result. And sometimes just 24 hours.

According to my experience it works first on older and popular pages and blogs posted.

Not just for better ranking in mobile search but for Quick ‘Voice Search‘ AMP results helpful for users.

3. If Don’t Prefer HTTPS – Users Won’t Trust You & Google Won’t Recommend You

Quite hurtful know! But that’s actually the fact one should accept, if you are genuinely serious about SEO.

If you study results closely, Google first recommends https sites on the result page instead of http (non secure sites); no matter how valuable content it has.

Https comes with more security in regards of securing your and users’ trustful relation or in the matters of financial transactions

These 2 significant tiny-elements make a big difference.

4. Captivating ‘TITLE’

Unless title has relevant power words, it won’t get any click even though quality of content is high. The most effecting and appealing Power Terms you could add title-prefix are:

Now, Ways, Step-By-Step, Easy, Today, Top, Best, All-In-One, Free, Buy, etc.

Appealing terms encourage visitors to click on the result that improves CTR to extreme level.

5. Rich Snippet Secret

Rich snippet result has always been a dream of SEO experts.

Not everyone succeeds in this.

Moreover, there’s no specific formula described to achieve such result in the search engine. 

But there could be a secret to acquire so!


The method I tried to get such result in Google is:

Writing a post on topic that no has written yet, but should have great demand in future or coming period.

We all know tons of topics on Influencers and Bloggers are availbale out there. But guess what all are similar with the list of so and so people. The artice I wrote is more of recency and competition. That bascially means Google found my articles unique compared to other blogs on the engine. 

The earlier reason mentioned, why my results appeared so could be, recency i.e. I keep updating such posts every after every 25-35 days. That indicates Google that something fresh has been cooked to serve the guests.

If delivered high quality and helpful content on such potential topics will help google recommend your result with rich appearance that every SEO expert hardly gets.

But the disappointing matter is, such rich snippet result does not last longer, and degrades back due to some reasons such as high competition or out-dated post.

6. Make Podcast a ‘Part Of Your Life’

Donno whether you could find it comfortable or not.

But yes, podcasting is the next level to the settled placement in a particular task. 

It  not just sharpens your vision over a niche, but makes you expertise in performing relevant activities.

Whether explanatory, case study or an interview; podcast helps one collaborate and deal with accurate target audience reducing the blind trust-relation.

Moreover, the more audience reach, the better Google suggests you! 

7. Integrate Video :: Does Every Alternate Blog Of Yours Consist Video? 

To the lower, there should be 1 video embedded in your blog out of 3 blog posts. Sites with good numbers of videos are signified as on of the recommended sites, which improves the popularity. Marketers and Bloggers basically create tutorials and step-wise guide as primary video set. As we are looking into the SEO Strategy 2018, there has to be some advance concept in creation of videos. Make videos with real experience and real analytics, to make a long story short, focus on ‘Case-Study’. 

Genuine practices, gives genuine results and real subscribers as well. Additionally, use a plugin that segregates  specific appearance of the content different on device and desktop. This would assist you show and hide content sizes differently; lead mobile give better view of videos and pages. 

8. Infographics Integration – Did You Include Infographic In Your ‘Traffic-Targeted Blog’? 

How infographics are effective?

On the report of SEO Strategy 2018, Infographics are created for various purposes as explanatory. Some of the major purposes to present are:

  • Comparing Statics
  • Displaying Data
  • Elaborating Process
  • Illustrate
  • Step-Wise-Guide
  • Text & Image Tutorial

Integrate Infographics in the form of Image or Doc file like PDF. PDF file to let site visitor see or download the statics. 

Infographic Images

  1. Infographic Users are Creative by nature. These are Bloggers, Designers, Content Writers and Entrepreneurs. Such community of users seek for something refreshing everyday. They learn and implement the same in their work.
  2. To Do: Optimize for Image SEO on site for Search Engines. This is to Result when searched or Sell when requested.
  3. Community Action: Visitors would love to See creative infographics. Further they Read, Save, Visit Site, Share and Create (similar) Infographics. 


9. Speeding Up Page Load Time (Landing Page)  

AMP is not the only solution to improve page load time, several reasons can make your site dull indicating weak performer. 

Reasons those cause Increase in Page Load Time:

  • Heavy Image (More than 30 kb is really heavier)
  • Uploading Video Instead Of Embedding
  • Unnecessary GIF Images
  • Over-Sized PDF and Documents on Pages

What Should be Done to Reduce Page Load Time?

  • Use Google Compressor Extention to reduce Image size (same dimensions) from MB to KB
  • Embed Videos instead Of Direct Upload
  • Avoid GIF as mush as possible
  • Upload Suitable Sized Documents Only When Required

10. High Content Quality To Make It Cornerstone

Intend for a high quality content writing, instead of just writing the inferior stuff. Plot points in a way that it would get eligible to a cornerstone. The higher the quality of content, the better its outcome would be. Moreover, Google would stand you out off the crowd if you do so.

 11. Targeting 2 Keyword Queries For 1 Blog? – Improvise Your Keyword Setting Habits

Target 2 keyword Queries for 1 blog – Under 1 Focus Keyword

For instance, the focus keyword is ‘Improve Alexa Ranking In 30 Days

Generate 2 Queries viz. ‘Improve Alexa Ranking In 30 Days‘  and ‘Tips To Boost Alexa Rank

Now when you have already optimized your blog with 2 queriess, 1 focus keyword for each blog/page; get unexpected results for both queries.

Note: 2 Keyword Queries works effectively for low or moderate level of competitors.

 12. Make Site Voice Search Sociable 

SEO Strategy 2018 indicates the essentially of Voice Search Content to be ahead in the race. Basically voice search is the command to look for a matter without typing hassle.

To make site or blog voice search friendly, ensure the following:

  • Optimized Page With Advanced SEO
  • Focus Keywords are Long-Tailed or Phrased
  • Content Is Questionable and Answered Easily

13.  Monthly Update Of Old Posts 

Posting daily ain’t sufficient to make good web presence, make sure you are timely updating old posts on monthly or quarterly basis. If you’re literally working hard in creation of valuable and helpful blogs don’t forget getting glimpse over those posts scheduling the modification.

14.  Spend At Least 30 Minutes a Day On Social Media

Users normally spend time on internet on: 

  • Browsing Over Google
  • Social Media
  • Entertainment Portals
  • Or Work Portals

Show your extra-presence on Social Media not only to follow others but implement your plans on it.  Post daily about your blog, videos, images, ideas, niche based news and pro tips. Get involved in social activities and let audience engage into.

15. Improve User Experience

More than the quantity Google is likely to show up your effort towards better quality you delivered. Well, story ain’t finished yet, there is something beyond quality which is ‘User Intent’. Making it short, give what user is really looking for, don’t give what you have to offer. For instance, a user is looking for Best SEO Strategy 2018, successfully drive user to your blog, you offered details related to comparison of SEO and SEM strategies. This is quite irrelevant, eventually user doesn’t find what he/she was looking for; and exits. Unfortunately you suffer in 2 ways. 1st You failed in Providing Accurate Info; and 2nd Increase In Bounce Rate.

16. Activate SEO In Seconds

Don’t wait for 2-3 months to let your SEO result appear in search engine. ‘Fetch and Render’ URL in Google Webmaster Tools to Get Result Within 3 Hours to 24 In Google. It likely indexes URL within few minutes.

17. Focus On Other Search Engines After Google

SEO Strategy 2018 is not just about primary SE; Google is sorted master search engine comparative to other SE’s. Intense presence on Google is an indication to expand SEO activities towards other search engine. Submit sitemaps and URL to fetch to Bing and Yahoo as well.


18. Navigational & Answerable Images – Are Such Images Integrated On Your Page?
Integrate Images (at least 2-3 images per post) This would not only increase SEO score but improve rank as well. % of traffic to the blog site comes from images. In-depth there are 4 kinds of images viz. Real Photo images, Infographic images, the most important Navigational images and Answerable images.

Kinds of Images Clickable in Google Image Search:

  1. Real & Still Image – Live or HD Stock Photos
  2. Navigational Image – Image that links to your website or blog from search engine
  3. Infographic Image – It is a Creative Image that has the refreshing content to learn and implement same on work. Content & Concept could be Social Media, Digital Marketing Strategies, Product Process, Step Wise Guide, Tutorial, Data Statics, Illustration or Long Explanatory Matter
  4. Answerable Image –  Image that smartly answers a query on the spot inside the Image itself
IMAGE SEGREGATION [Image SEO Strategy 2018]
Image Infographics

Image Segregation Infographics

Optimizing image for SEO is a basic technique. This technique is integrated by SEO specialists and taught by bloggers. There’s something beyond just SEO, and that’s ‘Image Segregation Technique’. It would not only help in creating an image ‘KIND’, but clearly encourage the visitor to look at it and navigate to your site.

  • Real Image
  1. Detail:
  2. Real Image Users: Users who love entertainment, adventure, fame and glamorous lifestyle will always seek for ‘Real Images’. Because they prefer reality more than creativity and visualisation.
  3. To Do: Optimize for Image SEO on site for Search Engines to Result or Sell Stock Photos
  4. Community Action: Visitor on Image Search Engine would Search, See, Download, Share and Like the same on Social Media like Instagram.
  • Navigational Image
  1. In-Short: It gives a hint and encourages user to visit the site for more details
  2. Navigational Image Users: Users with mixed minds will seek SERVICE IMAGES that has understandable meaning. Images such as Topic-based, Real Image+Info, Cartooned Image+Info, Wiki Images, Directive Images, Icons, Illustrators, Object or Product Images
  3.  To Do: Optimize for Image SEO on site for Search Engines to Result & Sell Images
  4. Community Action: Visitors would Search, See, Visit Site / Download, Buy (if visits site), Share and Like the same on Social Media like Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest.
  • Answerable Image
  1. Detail: Answerable Image is a very powerful image kind. It has capability of answering user’s query inside image itself. Structure of text content inside the image depends on what user’s reaction is expected. A complete answer can be implemented in the image for a query. Else major part of query’s answer to be set with ‘Know More’ call to action text below. User’s visit on site or just image view depends on Call-to-action you have set.
  2. Real Image Users:
  3. Community Action:

Conclusion: Take it to above 30% from 10%.

Overall Conclusion On SEO Strategy 2018 :

What did you offer your visitor while they were reading your blog, Nothing? Make your article productive, offer users something valuable that they can utilize in their work. Matter to offer: Free E-Book, Free Video Course, Pro-Tips, Free Plugin, Premium Theme, Digital Products To Download and more. For instance, if you are a SEO expert but you’ve got nothing to offer, at least guide visitors in improving their SEO practices personally analyzing the performances. This is how you learn and teach SEO techniques from up & downs and mistakes.

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