How To Do Content Marketing 2019: Only Experts Would Know

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Content Marketing Strategy That Would Control The User Behavior In 2019


What should be content marketing according to you? 

Is it blogging and creating videos?


To some extent!

While working on project Wolf Freelance One of my colleagues suggested to focus more on blog content instead of giving quarterly-segmented time in making slides, Pins or forcing email to subscribers. 

Well, he wasn’t wrong by the way.

Creating slides on Slideshare is one the effective ways to elaborate the matter step-wise, but won’t last in a long run. Pinterest is quite easy to maintain the presence of business on social media. Whereas sending email campaigns has a direct connection with users, but you never know all your emails may end up in a mucky trash.

The most efficient way to content marketing and keep the business going is ‘Interactive Blogging‘.

‘Blogging’ or just ‘Blog’ is an old term and former strategy to gain potential customer’s trust. There has be something that keeps user interested & engaged without enforcing them.

What arises in  your mind when I say ‘Interactive Blogging’?

You could be close to right answer.

For sure it is a kind of a blog written and designed for the purpose of interaction with visitor & encouraging actions. Here interaction does not mean contact or chat activities. Rather, a full of knowledge page; and appearance like a Disney world where no one would like to escape from.

Let’s get in-depth to clearly visualize Content Marketing Strategy 2019.


Consider, User ‘A’ visits the blog post titled ‘Earn On The Way While You Do Travel Blogging Along’. The knowledge required include whole of Plan – Transit – Hotel – Food – Tourism – Photography – Shopping – Lifestyle & Revenue. The fully informative page that not only elaborates the journey, but appears with required Icon pop-ups, Images, Videos, Transit Animations, Story Based Podcast, Call-To-Action Icons Buttons and much more.

Here on full-of-life page, a user would not only spend time or visit more pages but subscribe, recommend and purchase useful provisions offered on the page.

User won’t research or re-think too much to take immediate action on your site.

E-Commerce Interactive Products

If you are a merchant selling on Amazon, Flipkart, Mytra, Alibaba or similar sites E-commerce Interactive Product is the future of Online Sales.

People basically get to see images of a product on such e-commerce portals, some do allow videos to display. But none of them provide with Full-Product-Experience  (EPF) by merging all of the static and rich content. And that’s why the prospects picky by nature don’t prefer buying bigger products online; due to less exposure and incomplete product guide.

Create E-commerce Interactive Product / FPE (Full-Product-Experience)


A product page of Microwave will basically navigate to a FPE content page. Here, user can see different elements & parts of product through a tool-tip, watch relevant video series, recommend sharing on social media, make a purchase, etc.

Here’s The Example Of Convection Microwave Oven,

It consists of: Description / Features + Image + Parts & Points + Video + Call-To-Action.

Other strategies that can be integrated on Full-Product-Experience page:

  • Suggest embedding product on blog
  • View image gallery
  • Email product details
  • Fill in contact form
  • Subscribe to blog or YT channel
  • Call-to-action button encouraging purchase

How To Create Interactive Blog?

Planning on Interactive Blogging should be the first goal instead of creating formerly. Prior we discuss on how to create interactive blog for content marketing, we’ll initiate with how to plan on the same.

Plan On IB (Interactive Blogging)

  1. Set a Goal – User Engagement, Increase Pageviews or Engagement + Call-To-Action
  2. List Out What Elements You Would Like To Incorporate In The Creation
  3. Write Tiny Text Content You Would Add-Up Within or Next To The Elements

 [Create Interactive Blog – Tools Publishing Soon] 

Actionable Infographics

What’s the topic?

Is it medicare, restaurant, tech guide or Food recipe?

No matter what the niche is! Every marketer would be converting the dull and not-so-attractive content into alive infographics. Well, this ain’t the prediction of 2019 but the beginning of tremendous change in digital industry. (Alive IG is shown in the top of the post)

Shown IG ain’t alive but fact-sheet over Creation & Content Marketing. According to Demand Gen Report Infographics can generate traffic by 12%.

Overall the clarification comes in a way that Interactive-Infographics would bump-up the traffic by 25% and engage the users for about 10 more minutes on the site.

Isn’t it amazing!

Podcast To Brand

Relying on content writing ain’t the secure future of writers. They need to come out of the comfort zone trying something extra-valuable. If you observe the real scenario, popular bloggers like Darren Rowse, Neil Patel, Brian Dean, Patt Flynn got involved into widely open atmosphere of podcasting.

Not just known for blogging but for podcasting as well.

Don’t you think listening to the guidance is much better than reading?

Make a note of it, “Podcasting is the most convenient way of branding yourself at ‘$0’ cost!”

This is how you follow the experts and their methods of Self-Branding; widening up the scope of reach and revenue.

Webinars (Sell More)

It’s scary!

For those who have bad communication skills.

Leading into the Audible and View-able platforms, it is must to polish the taut brain to slacken some skills revelation in smoother way.

Having an e-book to sell in Amazon or Google store is useless unless you invite people to come and read what actually it offers.

If notice, who are the people delivering knowledge through webinars?

To jot a clear list, Trainers, Authors and Motivational Speakers.

These community of experts have got tremendous level of high communicational & marketing skills to convert a listener into a customer.

It can be done though blogging as well, but just a “blog ain’t worth it when it comes to selling something, generating extremely high desire of buying”.

News & Magazine Articles (Old Strategy Still Works)

Marketers rarely use such platforms guessing it as an old strategy or marketing.

Getting our brand in the news is possible on new launches or publishing a success story. At the growth stage of a site we usually neglect of being in the news, due to wrong expectations of lower possibilities of appearance.

Few magazine brands are way too popular and expensive to enlist our content in the same. And generally people prefer buying largest selling magazines only. This could be one of reasons why majority of content marketers avoid publishing content in the magazine channel.

In a nutshell, make a list of Not-So-Popular Online News & Magazines sites; and request them to publish your content. It’s the effective way to launch your content and reach more audience in lesser time.

Image & Document Based Marketing (Instagram, Pinterest & SlideShare)

Content doesn’t only mean text article, images or video.

It could be Audio in the form of podcast and webinar.

It could be Document in the form Infographics, Ebook, White-Papers, etc.

Focusing only on a specific content type won’t help in a long run. Eventually search engine would lower its position, even tough it was popular last year.

Google prefers and ranks page as a top priority those include:

  • Relevant Featured Image With Primary Keyword
  • Not-Just-Video But Accurate & Helpful Video
  • Infographics (increases time spent on site which helps improve position)
  • Lengthy Article (productive but not to bore readers)
  • Maintained Readability
  • Well Optimized SEO

And newly trending, ‘Interactive Content‘ that responds and interacts with users for better user experience.

Video Marketing (YT & Instagram)

People good at writing cannot be productive when it comes to creating videos. The best way to improve speaking skills is starting up with Podcast & Webinars.

The gain of confidence is the only way to survive in digital & marketing industry.

Instead to hiring someone to create a video for your content and pay off, the absolute option would be preparing yourself to drive in the expectations.

People who excel in communication skills would only compete in the competitive platform viz. YouTube & Instagram.


Content Segmentation

When planning on in-depth content marketing, content segmentation is nothing new to wonder about!

It is basically external-split-up of the matter where it is internally connected. Further content marketing has several methods to reach out, segmentation is one of the effective mode.

Huge sites such as Forbes or Huffington Posts integrate a strategy of ‘Continue Reading‘ post. It only works when 20% of the shown content is attractive and helpful. The strategy also comes with the risk of getting huge number of bounce rates and lesser pageviews. Could be due to Useless or unimpressive 1st para of the content. Here user immediately hits the back button assuming rest of the content would be ‘GOOD FOR NOTHING’. 

The technique should only be applied when the site’s popularity and readability is at highest peak

Implementation: How To Make a Full-Proof Content Marketing Strategy?

To create a content marketing strategy it is must to plan, instead of the execution of rough actions.

When we compare the old ways of marketing content through magazines and newspapers that hardly generate any prospect, strategy has immensely changed.

As of now a specific kind of content can be formatted in 100’s of ways:

How Actual Content Marketing Strategy Works

  • User visits your site — Visitor
  • Engagement  — User (Time spent, Pageviews & Shares)
  • Action (Sign Up, Subscribe, Download Free E-book, Get a Free Trial Of Tool, Enroll For Free Webinar, Enroll For Free Course) — Prospect (Higher Conversion Chances)
  • Game Changer Step – Gain Prospects’ Trust or Resolve Their Problems
  • Conversion (Purchase, Become a Premium Member, Enroll to Paid Courses & Webinars)

There exist many expert marketers who end-up winning a prospect through numbers of subscribers, offer free opportunities but fail in converting those 1000’s of prospects into customers.

Why so?

The actual problem here is, such marketers lack somewhere in the step that dangles between ‘Action’ & ‘Conversion’. I call it ‘Game Changer Step‘!

Marketers rarely focus on this stage that would literally bring a big return in their earnings.

Case Study:

Recently I attended a free webclass of ‘Tyson Zahner’ on an intro subject ‘Attend 100 Leads in 30 Days’ – Facebook.

Class was so knowledge-ful!

But as usually at the end of the webinar guy asked for the conversion action, through enrolling into the in-depth knowledge webinar on same subject.

Well, nothing is wrong in offering your paid products and services after provision of such a helpful class.

The thing that I found similar to other sellers was repeated ‘request to convert’ through email. It was a direct call for ‘Conversion’ after ‘Call-To-Action’.

This was the time when guy could have taken ‘Game Changer Step’ before asking for conversion. Let me explain how.

Tyson personally sent an email to all attendees after the webinar, within an email, instead of asking for enrolling for the one he could have asked to reply with ‘a problem I’m facing in generating leads on the blog‘; or ‘share 2 relevant problems you find in your business and I come with a perfect solution‘.

This strategy brings the host and the attendees closer to share minute issues & resolutions all together. Well, nothing is more significant than building a trust and sturdy relation with the prospects. At this point you can forward your products and services that prospect would love to go for. And this is how you successfully convert a prospect into a customer through content marketing and further conversational strategy.

Well, it is one the examples how you can make most out of webinar content marketing strategy.

Simultaneously, any format of content marketing has some hidden strategies, those needs to be discovered.

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