Too Many H1 H2 Tags Per Page Drops SEO Score By 10 – Use Excerpt WordPress Plugin

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excess Heading Tags per page may affect seo score – excerpt wordpress plugin guide

Won’t take too much of your time in explaining the issue of lower SEO Score, and solution to manage heading tags. One of the solutions can be installing Excerpt WordPress Plugin. Other better ways without plugins are explained in sequence.

Remove Tags From Blog Excerpt Easily

Learn and Manage H1 & H2 Tags. Gain your SEO scores back:  

H1 Tags Per Page

According to SEO only one H1 Heading Tag Per Page is mandatory. H1 is the beginning of the content that makes it specific about something. H1 can be Page title, Blog Post Title or any Product name.

H2 Tags Per Page

It is good to have one H2 Heading Tag Per Page. Using more than one H2 Tag may or may not affect SEO outcome, depending on the content density. H2 tag would not bother you unless ‘Static Page’ is your ‘Home Page’. Many WordPress users who have set ‘Blog Page’ as their Home Page faced the H2 issue. This is because every blog optimized with good SEO got at least one H2 heading tag. When these blogs are showed up on ‘Front Page’ it becomes ‘Representation Of Home Page’. If the same page enlists 10 or more blogs it creates SEO scoring issue.

The major reason behind the issue is that the SEO system allows only 10 H2 tags on ‘Front Page‘. If it goes beyond the limit, expect the reduction in scores.

Users with Blog as a Front and Main Page would go through ideas to manage these Tags. Verily, you cannot remove important tags Viz. H1 and H2. But can manage tags displayable on main page. Search engine doesn’t mind that you got 500 blogs with 500 H1 & H2 tags each post. This is normal and nothing to worry about. But Engines would definitely protest against more than 10 H2 tags display on front page.

Get SEO Test or Site SEO Check-Up Before Working On It

Some most recommended SEO Score Checker Sites are:

  •  and

SEOSiteCheckUp would extract the exact score with solutions. Checkout Header test with H1 and H2 tags. Failure in H2 test would cut down at least 4 score out of the total.

Best of the ways to avoid SEO failures, try reducing too many H1 or H2 Tags displayed on Home Page. Follow up these solutions to gain your scores back:

Use Advance Post Excerpt WordPress Plugin

This ‘Advance Post Excerpt’ plugin replaces the default Post Excerpt meta box showed on home page.

  • Install & Activate Plugin ‘Advance Post Excerpt’ (By Steve Grunwell)
  • Blog page editor – Check on ‘Excerpts’ (on Top Right ‘Screen Options’)
  • Scroll down below text editor – You’ll find EXCERPTS here
  • Add excerpt text in such a way that it encourages user to click on the post to read

Advance Post Excerpt Plugin

This excerpt feature completes your incomplete sentences displayed on front page of blogs, as showed below:

Advance Post Excerpt Plugin


 Use Advance Excerpt WordPress Plugin

Plugin ‘Advance Excerpt’ controls the appearance of WordPress post excerpts (By Delicious Brains). Features of the plugin:

  • Trims the excerpt to desired length
  • Setting the length and completing the incomplete text on Blog Page
  • Can add ‘Read More’ link
  • Can add or remove tags from ‘Strip Tags’ feature

Maintain 10 or less than 10 H2 Tags Per Page

If more than 10  H2 tags are found, Search Engine gets confused with the page suspecting the spam tactics.

FoeTube Case Study – SEO score of dropped from 91 to 87 when its H2 heading tag got beyond max limit 10. To fix the issue 2 steps were taken viz:

  1. Excerpt Plugin was installed to remove H2 tag that was initially visible in default Excerpt on front page (Note: H2 tag in blog post wasn’t removed. Only tag from excerpt was replaced by new excerpt)
  2.  More than 12 blog posts were shown on front page of the blog. It was reduced to 9 i.e. maintaining H2 below 10. Other blogs starting from 10th post were visible on 2nd page and next.

Once these 2 actions were taken, SEO score boosted back from 87 to 91 within 48 hours. FoeTube’s score keeps on varying due to changes in content size. But overall mision is to maintain the score above or equal to 90.

Edit Number Of Blogs To Be Shown On Page

If ‘Front Page’ of the site is Blog Page, do the following:

  • Go to ‘Settings’ — ‘Reading’
  • Set Blog Pages Show At Most: 8 or below
  • Set Syndication Feeds Show The Most Recent: 8 or below

Within 24-48 hours H2 Heading issue would be fix improving SEO score between 4-10 points.  

Get your site’s SEO Test done ; Revert on your opinion and experience after implementing on helpful blog.

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