How to Become a Digital Marketing Manager Successfully – Get One Of The Highest Paid Designations 2018

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2018’s Researched Guide on How to become a Digital Marketing Expert Manager

Getting Digital Marketing Manager’s position could be easy to think of, but challenging errand to acquire. The toughest part in how to become a digital marketing expert manager is being consistent towards extreme efforts. Not one, there comes several channels with multiple strategies to be master in. Expertise in single channel could be easier to some extent, but being involved in 7-8 channels is quite a big contest. 


To be a manager it doesn’t require getting master’s degree but does need a professional degree with proven experience. Level of qualification required to become a digital marketing expert manager:

  • 1st – Graduate or Bachelor’s Degree (Undergraduate possibly with creative mindset)
  • 2nd – Certified In SEO or Google (Optional)
  • 3rd – Professionally Certified In Digital Marketing (Must – Diploma or Degree)

Digital Marketing Certification would be the evidence proving your knowledge in same field.

Become a Digital Marketing Manager

How To Be a Digital Marketing Manager & Expert Successfully

# How Digital Marketing Manager Manages Social Media

Being a digital marketer a manger has to actively participate in all major digital channels; social media is one of those. Duties related to social media that a DM manger has to accomplish are:

  • Plan a strategy for social media content (two Separate strategies for Paid and Organic Engagement to be planned)
  • Create messaging and displayable text matter
  • Design posting matter by converting text matter into Image, Video Or Document.
  • Create a social media calendar scheduling posts – To be posted every day or 4 times in a week
  • Manage social calendar of 2-3 months in advance
  • Build organic audience on social platform and let them engage with the matter posted
  • Create advertising campaign according to the requirement of the product or service
  • Build targeted paid audience focusing on website clicks, engagement (reach, likes and comments); attending events
  • *Focusing on Lead generation and Brand Awareness
  • Manage weekly-monthly budget of the company for social media promotion and advertising
  • Regular management of all social media pages viz. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus, LinkedIn and YouTube

– Be Good:

  • Be good in Ads Manager, Facebook Audience Insights, Power Editor and Business Manager
  • Optimize website and content on website for social media sharing
  • Instantly haring live updates and breaking news
  • Keep-an-eye on recent social media trends, tools and strategies in the market
  • Analyse social media organic audience performance and paid campaign’s performance
  • Prepare weekly or monthly reports for analysis from social media and web analytic tools
  • Interact with community members and followers discussing launches, services, support and issue resolution
  • Assist speaker, trainer or executives in creating content for Podcasts and Webinars shareable in audio-visual format
  • Work with a broad team inclusive of Social Media Executives, SEOs, Email & Mobile Marketers, Designers, Content Writers, Digital Marketing Executives, Bloggers and relevant colleagues
  • Allocation of project work according to designated person
– Top 5 Social Media Tools Digital Marketing Manager Must Know
  • Hootsuit
  • Buffer
  • Sprout Social
  • Tweet Deck (For Twitter)
  • (For Twitter – Create Your Own Newspaper By Sorting Tweets In Styled Format)

# SEO Strategy Of Digital Marketing Manager

SEO is the major element of digital marketing. For every marketer to become a digital marketing expert winningly, it is must to have a rudimentary knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. Well, it has to be basic for marketers. But for the Digital Marketing Manager in-depth gen of On & Off Page SEO is must.

Numerous objectives got numerous SEO strategies, fundamentals of optimization has to be followed. Principally what strategy a manager should plan for SEO?

  • Foresee the search engine changes (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Naver, etc.)
  • Know the productivity of product, service or idea you are offering
  • Analyse the trends of keyword and search query demands
  • Set keywords creating relevant and high-quality page content
  • Set required meta-tags
  • Maintain keyword density
  • Concentrate on readability for better user experience
  • Integrate Images, Statics and Videos to keep visitors engaged
  • Generate inbound links to increase pageviews
  • Incorporate 1 external link within major pages and blogs for better understanding of the matter
  • Optimize content for mobile search
  • Optimize page for voice search
  • Create Q&A pages to answer questions searched
  • Participate in forum or answer or popular Q & A sites placing case study
  • Structure content using webmaster tools
  • Maintain SEO Score above 80 (Learn How Too Many H1 H2 Tags May Drop SEO Score By 10)
  • Monitor SEO performance; Crucial tools to use Google Analytics and WebTrends
  • Team-up with of 2-3 SEO experts allocating SEO tasks
  • Create Split testing SEO campaigns using different SEO strategies and keywords for same product
  • Improve self skills and same of every team member

# Role Of DM Manager In Creation & Content Marketing

Content has always been ahead in the race of marketing whether it’s traditional or digital. In each task content has to be born with extreme creativity, this would set an impact over the audience capturing potential minds as well. Excessive effort on SEO, Social Media and Email Marketing would be waste without Rich Content Creation.

For every executive to become a digital marketing manager expert it is must to create matter first, instead of only planning on marketing.

Content Marketing

Content Creation and Content Marketing

A buyer has a journey where he begins from Intending to Buy, Glimpse over budget, then Go through the product/service Features, Compares what is offered elsewhere; and ultimately makes the decision to buy or exit. In this scenario, YOU are the one who could encourage and induce a visitor to TRUST your product. Neither SEO Nor Social Media can force one to buy; it is ONLY CONTENT that describes product/service in a way that forces visitor to buy.

“The buyer journey is nothing more than a series of questions that must be answered.” – Analyst Firm IDC

Be a good creator before becoming a good manager. Ask content writer to follow-up the guide if you ain’t impressive enough in writing and creating matter.

– Learn how manager should concentrate on creating and marketing the content:
  • Types of content: Text, Images, Videos, Documents and Infographics (Amalgamation of Text, Images and Statics)
  • Research before you write or create the content
  • Generate recent and in-depth statics converting into image or plotting on an infographic
  • Excellent writing and verbal communication skills
  • Create exalted quality of image to be incorporated with Text
  • Write content for the website, product, service, idea or review Optimizing for SEO
  • Design posts for social media (Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Canva, etc.) Or
  • Closely work with Designers and Content Writer to execute the final outcome
  • Enhance creativity to rule on content market

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# Mobile Marketing Strategy To Be Opted By Digital Marketing Manager

According to September 2017 global internet research, mobile market share is 52.29% whereas desktop’s is 43.29%. It clearly indicates that mobile internet users are more than that of desktop and tablet. Simultaneously Google too is focusing on delivering mobile friendly SEO content to its users.

Manager can play an active role in marketing matter easily and accessibly on mobile as:

  • Create Mobile friendly web content – Either it is automatically convertible or buy a theme suitable for mobile and desktop as well
  • Optimize for Mobile SEO – Structured data markup
  • Social sharing buttons for mobile site
  • AMP for best user experience
  • Create App – For easy user access

# What Email Marketing Strategy To Follow To Become A Digital Marketing Manager Expert?

Before planning on Email Campaign it is must for a DM Manager to know that, projecting Email Blasts to get leads and conversion is totally a bad idea. What happens when email blasts are sent? Either it goes to Spam or receiver unsubscribe. Rarely it happens when receiver acts on email only when email comes with a great discount offer or free gifts. Unnecessary and forcefully delivered email may blacklist the domain.

It is essential for a manager to accumulate real and long-staying subscribers. This would generate trust within the list and reduce unsubscribe.

  • Accumulate subscribers online on the site or a blog
  • Accumulate subscribers extracting details when customers makes a purchase; and probably before the invoice is generated
  • Segregate Clients Lists Into 2 viz. Customers Subscribers (who purchased from your product/service) and Online Subscribers (who subscribed for product/service’s detail and offers)
  • Segment Lists of all subscribers according to Niche, Requirement. Interest or Demography
  • Create Highly Engaging Email Marketing Campaigns (based on Seasonal Offers, Launches, Tutorial, Reading Blog and More)
  • Design and Manage Newsletter Templates
  • Create Pre and Post Campaign Insights
  • Report Insights Within The Team

Improvise if you Fail in conversion of at least 10% of subscribers you sent email to. Offer best deals for repeated customers.

Recommended Tools: AWeber, ConvertKit, ConstantContact, MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, Zoho, SendX, GetResponse and more.

# How DM Manager Operates CMS Websites Like WordPress?

To become a digital marketing expert is it really necessary to have a basic knowledge about WordPress?



Well, Yes!

The manager is the one who has to grasp knowledge about every element required in digital marketing. DM manager has to know crucial tools and matter related to WordPress, viz:

  1. WordPress Editor
  2. Plugins (SEO, Social Share, Managing Codes, Sorting Content, BackUp, Forms and more)
  3. Creation of Content and Enhancing Appearance
  4. Manage Widgets and Footer
  5. Manage Menu, Categories, Posts and Pages

You may find it difficult initially, later it would just be a piece of cake to work on.

# Does Digital Marketing Manager Require Design Skill?

Yes! To become a digital marketing expert manager, for sure!

Expertise and in-dept designing ain’t required but there has to be a creativity and perfection in design; After all quality matters!

Designing what? Here, no one would ask you to design graphics element, icons or logos. This part is to be done by Mr.Perfectionist, meant graphic or content designer.

But surely expect you to plan on design to attract clients. For a contribution manager has to design the social media post or cover or blog images when required; or in the absence of designer. This is one of the free options to go with.

If you have zero knowledge about designing, you got to buy ready images, graphics and illustrations from Photo Stock sites. Well, this is another kind of investment which is full of waste.

Best designing tools manager can practice and create high definition design on, are:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Canva
  • BeFunky
  • PicMonkey
  • Stencil
  • Venngage (Infographic Maker)
  • Pctochart
  • Visme
  • Recite (Quotes Maker)
  • LogoTypeMaker (For Logo)
  • Fotor (Collage Maker)

# What Tools Should Digital Marketing Manager Use Overall?

Winning performance in management and implementation is required to become a digital marketing expert manager. Essential and recommended digital marketing tools to be utilized by digital marketers are:

  • Keyword Planner (Google Adwords)
  • Moz
  • Google Drive
  • YouTube
  • Live Chat
  • SEMRush
  • Google Adsense
  • CJ Affiliate
  • Google Analytics

# How Proven Previous Work Should Be To Become A Digital Marketing Expert Manager?

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager

Significance of experience is honesty! Plot all of your previous projects those were successful and failure as well.

Segment projects into 3:

  1. Projects Successfully Accomplished With Its Outcome (Insights) – Reveal Strategy Used
  2. Accomplished Projects But Unsuccessful – Reveal Strategy & Reasons To Fail
  3. Incomplete Projects – Reason To Drop The Project
What Channel Projects To Be Revealed, To Become a Digital Marketing Expert?

Demonstrate experience in the channels you expertise in.

1. Proven SEO

For an Interview or as a case study, proven SEO needs to be disclosed with Primary Keywords set for the blog or pages. It’s obligatory to get result on the first page of the result when string is searched. 80% of your SEO results should be impressively displayable on 1st page. 4-5 words of long tail keywords with high competition would be enough to impress interviewer. Proven 2-3 keywords resulting on better position would be highly appreciative and trustworthy.

Elaborate strategies you would like to plan on future SEO projects, that evidences eligibility to become a digital marketing expert manager.

Digital marketing is the field where you are suppose to talk less, instead, your proven work would scream


2. Social Media Proven
  • Enlist pages, groups, communities your created
  • Activeness and frequency of posts to be seen
  • Disclose engagement of audience inclusive of reach, comments, likes and events (optional)
  • Divulge insights of both Paid Campaigns and Organic Engagement + Traffic Driven From Social Media
  • Elaborate strategies used for successful campaigns and failed one


3. Content Creation Samples & Designs

This is completely optional, still, if required, Unveil following designs:

  • Designed Social Media Posts
  • Social Covers and Headers
  • Vector Graphics
  • Well-Designed Images for Blog
  • Creative Infographics Designed
  • Reveal videos created and live on YoouTube, Vimeo or on site

Being a DM Manager, if you are too good in designing then you could definitely mark an impression within the team and organisation as well. This could be the reason to increment in incentives.


4. Mobile Marketing Proved Strategy

This section would clarify how smart manger you could be. According to trends every strategy changes, changing behavior of user towards mobile usage is to be crucially taken into consideration.

You can turn smart in mobile marketing through following:

  • Amaze mobile users focusing additionally on mobile design of a website or an app. This is because internet mobile users are more in the world than that of desktop.
  • Structure data for better search result on mobile
  • Enhance mobile view of the site, pages or blog incorporating to AMP
  • Integrate special social and whatsapp floating buttons for mobile site

Proof of Email Marketing, Analytics, Display Ad and relevant can be served on display table only when requested.

# How Digital Marketing Manager Can Generate Revenue For Company?

Revenue is generated in two ways either Organically or After Investment. A person has to be smart enough to generate revenue organically. This can be possible from best SEO Strategy, Appealing and Informative Videos+Tutorials, Huge Social Following, Huge Blog Traffic and Master Email Strategy. Well, getting awesome conversion numbers require a long time and extreme efforts to put on.

Every company has its daily, weekly or monthly budget to invest. Companies mostly invest in Facebook Campaigns, Google Adwords (PPC), Paid Video Campaigns, Advertising On Popular Blogs, Advertising On Online Newspapers and similar. Organisations too concentrate on SEO, Blogging and Email Marketing for free traffic.

Well, generation of revenue completely relies on which channel is being used for promotion of which product or service. Product/Service you offer should consist of required features and importantly demand of it in the market. Accordingly suitable channels of promotion and advertising cam be selected.

No matter what budget company has set, a manager has to emphasis both on Organic strategies and Paid Campaign to acquire ROI.

Before you think of how to become a digital marketing expert manager think once about the query:

Query: How much revenue did you generate for previous companies you worked for?

Why & How Do You Stand Out And Call Yourself Better Than Other Digital Marketing Managers, With Same Qualification And Equal Years Of Experience?

  1. Think 10 Steps Ahead Of Other Current Digital Marketers
  2. Explain Web Content and Social Media Post In Such a Way That It Defeats Other’s Content – Mention Infographics and Real Statics of Upcoming Trends and Changes In All Digital Marketing Channels
  3. Blog More About What People Would Be Searching In Future
  4. Focus More On Structuring Content with Clarity and High Quality Design
  5. Create content calendars for timely delivery of posts
  6. Managing PPC, Ads On Blogs, Video Ads, Social media and several campaign budgets
  7. Self-evident knowledge in researching, organising (curating) and building-up engaging content
  8. Excellence in writing skills as per niches marketing, manufacturing,consultancy, events, entertainment and various
  9. Improvise strategy analysing previous PPC and Social Media post records
  10. Good in branding companies, products and services from beginning
  11. Able to manage crises, negative circumstances, up & down metrics, worse situations whenever occurs
  12. Smartly handle multiple projects accomplishing each of it before the deadline

Following all mentioned and mandatory points would definitely take you to the top-edge to become a Digital marketing expert; and a part of successful management. This is how you agree on plans to develop, follow and enlight on matters than can assist you to become a digital marketing manager proudly and efficiently.

Beside focusing on how to become a digital marketing expert manager in 2018,  a manager has to be excellent in creation of content. Competing domestic company products or services, target global competitors. Learn more about how multinational company managers are planning on digital marketing and content. Know How Content Marketing In Australia To Be Better Than USA, India and UK

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