How To Increase Conversion Rate Through Content Marketing?

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How to Increase Conversion Rate on Website Through Content Marketing?

Let me tell you that there's a big difference between driving traffic to the site, getting leads; and getting the converts.

People usually have this misconception that a site which receives more traffic is more successful. Whereas the fact is, the site that keeps users engaged for more than a required time is the actual successful site. And such engagements drive meaningful conversions.

Some of the content marketing strategies that we have learned and aware of, are, using tactics to increase the traffic through various means.

Well, it sounds an old strategy that still works in the form of Blogging + SEO, YouTube Marketing, Paid Ads, Email Marketing and so on.

These methods would definitely help driving a little to enormous traffic to the site, but, is there any tool or any content type that encourages the user to purchase or take action on your page?

Is there any?

I would like to repeat this, is there any kind of tool or any content type that encourages the user to purchase or take action on your page?

Now it seems to be interesting!

Let's get into the core.

In general, the on-page elements that are used to increase leads include: Subscribe To The Newsletter or Updates, Allot a Free E-Book or Free Webinar Course, Contact Form Leads and similar. Proceeding to get the rewards in the form of comments and social shares.


Where did we make conversion here?

We didn't make conversion here because we didn't add any converting element on the page. All the elements that I just described are lead generators but not converters.

Pushing a product or paid course or chargeable ebook are indirect converting elements, and unfortunately, it won't work.

What do you expect, a user coming on your webpage for the first time will straightaway purchase what you are offering? Nope, it doesn't work in that way.

But we can make it work by giving them a medium to convert.

It's like offering candy to a kid. The bigger brands, what do they do? Netflix, Amazon OLA they provide free subscription for a few weeks, free deliveries, affordable and comfy rides and so on.

And then what happens, once the user gets addicted to service they hack it. A person who got addicted to Netflix will definitely buy a subscription and can't go elsewhere because they all are doing the same. This is the growth hacking strategy that bigger brands apply for increasing conversion rate.

Now the question is, not every company is an Amazon or Netflix, is it?

Well, this was just an example, how would you make your user get impressed, not addicted, it's a long way to go, at least impressed with what you are offering?

It's quite simple, offer a part of your service or digital product for free, let the user get amazed.

And once again you repeat providing something more valuable for free. They'll definitely subscribe or raise a query showing interest in your product, service or whatever you are offering.

Let's take a breath here!

Well, it's not all this blog is about. Yet we haven't got any conversion.



If you are an author and trying hard to sell books. And the only reason is user purchasing similar niched book elsewhere exiting your site.

In such a scenario it becomes difficult to stop the user from leaving your site.

The common nature of user before making a purchase is visiting others site and checking product available at lower rates. Doing the research and checking your credibility. Can't you provide all of that on your page instead of him or her going to other's sites?

There's only 1 way you can do it, and that's 'Compare and Act'.

Create a comparison infographic where You Stand against your competitors. To showcase the book details, images, pricing and encouraging message.

This is the time when you got to impress users elaborating how your book is the best choice compared to similar books available.

Integrating more insights viz. Total downloads, purchases and rating would be a great idea.

Ensure, you don't forget to add Videos, Podcast, Tooltips, Call-To-Action Button within the infographic. You may also offer free sample content to read before a prospect makes any purchase.

Addition of free sample content can be done in the form of Audio File, PDF, E-Book Demo, Zip or Any Format of File to download.

The question is, how can you create such an infographic where you can easily incorporate Videos, Audio, Images and more?

DesignsGraph.Com is the only free and comprehensive tool where you can start creating for content marketing without any conditions. Thus, this tool is an aid to increase the conversion rate with no doubt.



By now exists several content marketing strategies but not all of them work together. The primary way of marketing a physical or product digital is through a website and a blog. Here additional channel such as YouTube and Social Media can be integrated. In order to bring all the channels together, you've got to seek for a perfect tool that works and make your efforts worth it. Opting to such tool would definitely increase the user engagement, time spent on site and conversion rate for sure. 

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The information you’ve shared in this blog is remarkable. Thanks for sharing such quality information.

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The information you’ve shared in this blog is remarkable. Thanks for sharing such quality information.

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