How To Make a Career From Instagram | Is It Really a Life Changing Platform?

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Instagram as a Career Taking It Full Time – How To Make a Career From Instagram 2018

Doesn’t matter if you have got a zero value, zero like or zero followers on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. This could be because those platforms rarely give you a chance to get visible to large number of audience at once. After you lose hope out of these platforms, embrace Instagram! Instagram is not a platform for boring or dis-interesting content. It has been the most preferred and likable social media portal to be on. Knowing how to make a career from Instagram could perhaps motivate you to become a full time Instagrammer.

What has Facebook or Twitter given someone in return after reaching 1 Million of followers? Probably nothing! Whereas several opportunities has been generated to users on Instagram to earn even with 10K followers.

How To Make a Career From Instagram

How To Make a Career Out-Of Instagram

Know before you move to learning how to make a career from Instagram:

1. What Are You Good In?

For instance, Fashion, Beauty, Cooking, Designing, etc. If you are not good at anything, explore your skills and possibilities of what you can happily love to do.

Example, You like writing, but Instagram is not about content writing, still you can make a career out of it. Write Informative and Inspirational quotes over a relevant background image.

This would definitely give you consistent number of followers. Avoid repetitive or similar content, taking it as a condition.


2. Select Your Niche – Don’t Make Your Account a HotchPotch

A confused Mixture would make people jumbled to assume what your account is about. Instagram’s profile description should clearly specify your interest and offerings, to make user intending to follow you.

Once you know on what you are good in, incorporate your ideas through posts. Before you move ahead, make your account’s bio appealing to let others understand what your account really talks. If Fitness is your passion make it your niche and begin the Instagram journey with relevant videos and photos in the form of posts.

Here is the successful Fitness based Instagram account of Kayla Itsines with impressive posts that accumulated huge followers.

If you are into beauty, make-up or love promoting branded products, here’s an inspiring example with 25+ Million Followers:

Your most beautiful accessory costs you nothing….your smile! 😊

A post shared by Huda Kattan (@hudabeauty) on

Are You an Employee, Professor, Specialist or a Lawyer?

Still Instagram Is good for you.

Unless one is too popular elsewhere, can expect a few followers and fame over Instagram. This is because Instagram users get attracted towards Images, Video and Quotes! No one would be interested in what you are selling or you want to offer. An uneventful or dull niche can be made more interesting by posting previous successful projects, some relevant inspirational quotes, leisure time spent with folks, helpful analytics and statics from web; reposting popular and trendy videos on Instagram through ‘Repost For Instagram’ or similar app.

Here’s the astounding post of  Dr. Mike Varshavski with 2+ Million Followers:

Reminding again, avoid making your account a ragbag, be specific and interesting. For a case, it would appear awkward when a reputed professor posts something about popular ‘wardrobe malfunction video’ on Instagram. Instead he can post funny debate or interviews once in a while, not as a consistent.

Mentioned successful influencers never gave up since they started from 0 followers. Implementing on how to make a career from Instagram was challenging for some, and fun for most of them.


3. Decide Whether You’d Be The Active Player In The Game

Instagram is not about ‘Give-Up then ‘Chase‘. It is more of  being ‘Consistent‘ and ‘Fascinating‘. If you cannot give best of the time for Instagram don’t participate! Frequency to post should be around 3-4 posts every week. Going for daily activity would be productive for existing and potential fans. Being more than active on Instagram can lead one of the recommended activities to verify your account with blue tick mark Instagram Blue Tick Mark.this designates the genuineness of the account holder.


4. Learn How To Post On Instagram – Widen Up Your Reach Using ShoutOuts & Tags

  1. Describe Photo Post With Circumstances Viz. Curiosity, Seriousness, Jovial or Importance.
  2. Mention ShoutOut E.g. @HijabFashionEve Where You Want Users To Look At
  3. Incorporate Trending # HashTags – But Be Relevant :: This Would Give More Impressions, Likes and Followers Hopefully
  4. Tag Others or a Brand With The Image
  5. Describe Product Thoroughly If Posted a Photo – E.g. Evening MakeUp Video Post: Mention Foundation, Eye-shade, Palette, Brush, etc.used along. Do mention ‘Inspired By’ as best of knowledge for viewers.

5. How Can You Gain More Popularity On Instagram?

  1. Be Quicky :: IG is more of trends that keeps changing everyday. You’ve got to be in the race!
  2. Post Things-Of-Interest :: Post whats other would like not what you like!
  3. Become a Secret Entertainer :: Don’t get too serious about Posting.. Posting.. Posting! Take a breath as a break; and post a video that entertains your audience!
  4. Post’s Participation In Trends :: Let your post participate in trends (popular posts) adding trendy # hashtag in caption. Initially this can be a bit difficult, once you accumulate fans, it would be easier to pop-up. #Hashtag plays a vital role in gaining popularity even though you got no followers.
  5. Reply Instantly :: Quick reply on comments can impress the commenter. Plus users can guess how active you are.


6. Consider Instagram Posts & Activities as an Investment

Prior engrossing in how to make a career from Instagram, accept positive consideration that always keeps you motivated in the work you do. Don’t set your mind as you are wasting time posting stuff on IG. Structure your posts and profile in such a way that gives back its value. Sooner or later you’d build up own brand which would drive a handsome return to your pocket.

KnowHow To Make Money From Instagram ShoutOuts and Sponsored Ads

– If You Are Unique and Genuine – Verify Instagram Account

Who does’t want a verified blue tick mark next to the username? Well, everyone does. Overcoming in following-up how to make a career from Instagram, you need to do a verification of authenticity:

  1. Describe Bio With Real Profile Image
  2. Mention Website You Got In URL
  3. Add your own Instagram # hashtag or @ username in bio
  4. Make Your Presence on Other Social Media viz. Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest
  5. Make Sure Your Website Is Updated and Not a Scam
  6. Make Weekly or Daily Posts On all Social Accounts
  7. Post Weekly On Blog or Site You’ve Got
  8. Confirm Your Genuineness By Replying To Comments You Receive
  9. Switch Your Account To Business – If You Prefer To Be a Brand or Business
  10. Add Email Account Where Users Can Contact You
  11. Most Important – Post Original Content On Instagram, Avoid Copying Others or Impersonating Others Existence
  12. Get You Presence On YouTube To Make Your Verification Process Much Easier
  13. Be Very Active On Instagram In-Regards To Posts, Comments and Requests Received
  14. Make Yourself an Influencer, So You Get Impersonated – This Is How You Are Recognized as a Popular and Authentic Identity

Once you reach the criteria, request Instagram for verification.

Learning How To Make a Career From Instagram could have motivated you a bit. Comment on what has encouraged you to make a career on Instagram, do post your Instagram @username with comment. You never know who’d start following you right here.

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