How To Increase Pageviews Per Visit By 50% and Reduce Bounce Rate

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Increase Pageviews Per Visit & Per Session Reducing Bounce Rate To 10%

Grasp strategies to increase pageviews!

What is pageviews according to you, is it something that gives multiple content exposure of the site, or something that takes user nearby conversion? 

Well, it’s all of that!

Since years the most difficult task has been is, encouraging visitor to click and navigate into the other inbound page.

Why has this become so exigent to achieve?

Narrating an anecdote and asking a visitor to take an action was a bit easier in past years. Because internet was new for everyone, so people use to excitedly click on links and images they were seeing around.

But now scenario is completely different and onerous. Users in on-going period are more predictive as they know why a page asks us to click and navigate to other page. People are damn genius  to understand the circumstance whether a page is really worth believing or just trying to sell something indirectly. 


To Increase Pageviews Per Visitor by 50% Comes With Requisites

The un-commonness of the content, relevancy and mind blowing strategy to impress the same visitor has to be considered the primary requisites to increase pageviews. The condition could result:

A user, 

  1. Spend more time reading, studying a product or watching video
  2. Scrolling down to see  more on the current page
  3. Subscription action – if found it helpful to visit again
  4. Content availability that isn’t available elsewhere
  5. Sign-up for purchasing a service or a product

If you fail in engaging user on the page less than a minute, you probably lost the visitor. This generates higher rate of bounce rate, well nothing is worser than 100% BR.

Prior jumping to above strategies, recall over the content generated, whether it is really worth reading or taking any action on? Why would someone subscribe to a crap website that doesn’t deliver sense of understanding? 


Neil Patel too suggests the matter to ‘Increasing Pageviews:

Well Optimized SEO, so that at least CTR would be maintained. Well, that’s undeniable. There shouldn’t be any compromise with SEO for sure. Unless a user clicks on your result from serach engine, you can’t expect for more pageviews or action on the site. 

Evergreen Content that generates more pageviews and conversion rate. Improving User Experience could help increasing pageviews per visit. Some techniques to apply are loading page faster and ease of reading.

Have a Sidebar that enlists related posts to continue on navigation and reading.

Promoting Old Blog Posts converting them into evergreen posts before it’s dead!

Stages To Pageviews

As what Neil says that SEO & Evergreen Content could be reasons to increase pageviews. But according to me these comes under Primary Plan of generating traffic and increasing pageviews.

Basically, the Goal to increase pageviews per visit has 3 stages, viz:

  • Primary Plan – Wherein you do Advanced SEO to optimize and rank your site. Futher Creating Evergreen Post, which is too essential.
  • Secondary & Practical Plan –  Where user literally takes an action to navigate to another inbound page on your site. Possible through Sidebar, Inbound Link within the paragraph, Internal Link through Button or Image. 
  • Tertiary Plan – Promoting Old Blog Posts and converting the same again into the evergreen post that gets it done.

Get a Glimpse Over Effective Ways to Increase Pageviews Per Visitor

Increase Pageviews

  • Give Visitors More Relevant Stuff to Click On – More Internal links
  • Sidebar including Related Posts with Thumbnail
  • Add Note or Plugin for Related Topic within article
  • Good SEO That Makes Your Site Worth It
  • Practical Plan On Segregation Of Posts (explained below)


Segregated Practical Plan To Increase Pageviews

How long the article should be to engage a user? Perhaps 1500-2000 words could make it.

Besides that of Sidebars and Internal Links, there are 2 more ways to increase pageviews per session or visit viz. Divided Blog Posts and Continue Reading Posts.

Divided Blog Posts

It is a Post of about 2000+ words which is again divided into 2 parts. Relying on how interesting and helpful the article is, people would get eager to read the full content for sure. Consider a topic ‘Pros & Cons Of Infographics‘, here you write 1200 words of pros as a Part 1 of the post. Further you integrate a link or button to jump into the Part 2 which is Cons Of Infographics of about 800 words.

The another example could be ‘Top 5 Methods To Increase Domain Authority‘ where 3 methods are exaplainable in the 1st part whereas as remaining 2 in the 2nd. 

Similarly, the article on ‘SEO Techniques‘ further can be divided into  Part 1 & Part 2. 

Well, such strategy ain’t suitable for all types of posts such as ‘Why Google Analytics Is Used‘ or ‘Difference Between http and https‘.

The divided strategy could actually be the most effective way to increase pageviews through every posts that has more than 1800 words. 

You might have seen the posts by experts consisting 4000 to 6000 words per article. Who reads that long article just for 1 soultion?

Hardly 1% of all readers!

Instead of forcing users to scroll and bore them, use Divided Blog Post Strategy so that you keep it interesting and won’t bore the readers; plus your efforts of writing would turn helpful instead of going waste.


Continue Pro-Reading Posts

It is something different from that of ordinary continue reading option that you see after a paragraph. Add ‘Continue Pro-Reading’ button after 1/2 or 3/4 article, so that user navigates onto the next page to finish-up understanding the matter that should a kind on ‘Climax‘ without which every story remains incomplete. Ensure the same is inclusive of conclusion. 

Pro-Reading either could be free or paid to end-up reading the article with some useful tips, free ebooks or other digital products to offer. Well the 2nd post page must be more effective and helpful for readers than the initial page

Blog Posts That Has Impressive Max Time Spent By Foetube Users

These are the evidences after working on valuable content to let user spend more time on site, and thus lead to navigate and increase pageviews per visit.

Average Time Duration Per Day -
Increase Pageviews Analytics
8:59 Minutes Of Time Spent On Post - How To Increase Domain Authority

2 Months after posting it, result was seen on the 3rd page of Google Search. At the time I didn’t integrate SSL certificate. To build-up the trust and users to spend more time on the page, I rushed towards going for the https (SSL Certification) for 

Securing the site for users was an overwhelming experience, but such a huge alteration from http to https came with tremendous change. It terribly dropped the ranking all of a sudden. For a week I regretted for not preferring for SSL while registering the domain. As we all know Google differentiates between http and https considering 2 different sites. So for a new https site it becomes difficult to gain same position unless abundant efforts are made.

Fortunately, after 3 months of consistent update on old posts, Google improved foetube’s ranking & positioning better in the results. And thus it helped me out getting traffic on ‘Increase Domain Authority‘ page. It doesn’t end here, users literally engaged with the content navigating to multiple inbound pages leading to increase pageviews.


11:14 Minutes Of Time Spent On Category - Digital Marketing


13:53 Minutes Of Time Spent On Post - Drive Traffic To Old Blog Posts


10:41 Minutes Of Time Spent On Post - Influential Hijab Fashion Bloggers To Do Business With


10:48 Minutes Of Time Spent On Post - Started a Blog? Why No One Reads It?
Increase Pageviews Analysis

Started a Blog? Why No One Reads It?


7:01 Minutes Of Time Spent On Post - Become a Brand Ambassador Blogger


Miscellaneous Cases

Time Spent On Several Posts


Not all landing pages, but some of the above showed blog posts’ result came through multiple pageviews by single user.



Implementing on all major and supportive strategies are definite aid to increase pageviews per visitor, without forcing or boring one. Do you find the Segregated Practical Plan on posts useful to increase pageviews? Do comment on the same sharing opinion on what else could be done to increase pageviews on your blog or site.


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