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10 Long-Tail Keywords That Can Drive Huge Traffic To Your Blog For Free

Coverage over major keywords driving free traffic, Nothing new about long-tail keywords! You would probably be knowing how helpful long-tail keywords are, specifically for bloggers. Well, every blogger dreams of getting massive traffic to the blog overnight. This is possibly impossible! Baby blogger can only be hassling here & there to get users attention, eventually gets failed. Except SEO and Social Media there are various methods to get totally involved into higher phase of rivalry; And truly you too can drive huge traffic to your blog.

Watch video to compare number of search results of popular long-tail keywords!

In this blog I would be elaborating top 10 long-tail keywords that can crazily drive huge traffic to your blog. Niche I have been researching on is completely based on initiation – ‘How To‘ guide and relevant to Blogging.

How To Guide

Not to introduce, every blogger is familiar with ‘How To’ guide. This is one of the most commonly used in search term and string. Generally know as phrase ‘Prefix’. For instance, How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog.

I have tried on similar useful ‘How To’ guide blog in few of my popular blogs:

Top 10 Long Tail Keywords To Drive Huge Traffic To Your Blog FREE

Follow video to compare number of search results.


12. How To Become Rich – Every 1 Out Of 4 Google User Would Go For This Search

11. How To Earn Money – Whether Online or From Home, Everyone Needs It 

10. How To Sell On Amazon – People Look-up for Selling Almost Everything Online 

9. How To Lose Weight – Health Conscious, Fatty and Career Oriented Guys Look Up More For It

8. How To Start a Blog – This Keyword Phrase is Crazily Driving Traffic To The Master Competitors’ Blogs

7. How To Write an Article – Bloggers, Writers, News and Media Executives Spend Time Learning

6. How To Become Popular – People in Every Niche Explore for Popularity 

5. How To Improve English – Majority Of People In The World Seek For This Phrase

4. How To Start a Business – Every Entrepreneur Learns Here

3. How To Create a Website – Web Person Starts Here Before Becoming a Professional

2. How To Become a Model – Ultimate Guidance to Become a Model

1. How To Download – Probably For Every Kind Of Downloads Viz. Ebooks, Song, Doc, Theme, Product, Image, Video, Plugins, etc.


These are the long-tail keyword phrases searched by users from every niche, every profession and every country. Select one of your niche relevant to mentioned keywords if you are a beginner.

Still there got to be numerous keywords with extremely high competition around the web search.

How To Get These 10 Highly Competitive Keywords On The First Page Of Google

Here is the helpful guidance to get highly competitive keywords on the first of google and drive huge traffic to your blog effort-fully.

a. Know Future-Competition Before Others Do

To be in the search race it is necessary for you to research about up-coming competition.

For example, you tried a lot to come on the first page in 2017 but failed due to high competition, the way you can do is booking your spot for the next year. I mean, focus your keywords and blogs towards upcoming year 2018 due to few competition. And here you already know that tomorrow again there would be an extreme SEO fight more than that of 2017.

Remember: When you’v already booked your SEO spot, keep updating your blog on monthly basis. If not, the super SEO masters would kick you off the competition in just a few weeks.


b.  Advanced Content Creation & SEO

Content creation is a digital art that you need to master in. It could be anything viz. writing, image designing, video creation, infographics creation, memes and much more. When you compare your content to other professional one’s mark your thoughts, assess who has created matter the better. Once you’ve examined the quality of your content don’t rush to publish, optimize whole of the matter for SEO. Here we are talking about advanced SEO that enhances the search content published. Try learning advanced content creation and SEO skill before you decide on to enter competition to drive huge traffic to your blog.

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c. Highlight Data – Google Search Console

Make your blog stand out comparing to others. Rich snippet makes result clickable. It encourages visitor to click on it ignoring competitor’s matter. This increases the number of clicks and drive huge traffic to your blog.


d. Write Unique Blogs On Updates

Normally very few bloggers are pro active and research about very and very fresh updates. Other common bloggers just copy the idea and concept from these pro-active bloggers and present on their blog in new way. Don‘t be like a copy cat! If you do so you’ll always be in the queue awaiting for your number to come on.

If you are a tech blogger, write more on recent metrics and changes in the web system. Research more on Google, Facebook and popular portal updates. If you are a food blogger, don’t repeat old recipes unless you improvise it. Focus more on innovating new recipe that everyone would want to grab and taste the item.


Groom your blog making it more appealing, not just design but the search appearance as well. Most importantly, write something new and unique but to be useful in the coming period. Avoid pushing yourself the the search list of competitors who are already better, older and smarter than you. Instead let them try their best to compete.

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