4 Master Ways On How To Make Money From Instagram Shoutouts & Sponsored Posts

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The Effective 4 Master Ways On How To Make Money From Instagram Shoutouts 2018 – Sell Shoutouts, Object & Sponsored Posts

Make Money From Instagram Shoutouts

How To Make Money From Instagram

How to make money From Instagram is being explored and resulted into more than 60 Million times. Additionally make money From Instagram Shoutouts is an emerging string to be on high demand in coming years. You can image how popular it is getting at initial stage. Making money on Instagram has gone tremendously crazy these days. Instagram has become an ultimate platform for influencers to get more popular and reach higher return per post. You may or may not know some influencers earning Millions just from Instagram. 

Make a Career Out-Of Instagram 


Who can become an Influencer?

Well, not everyone! Unless you are dedicated and engrossed into an activity that can help others, attract others; and truly work hard on it to make a matter the brand. Don’t get confused, for instance you are deciding on joining the gym, what would you get in return? Only a good body shape; no fame no money, nothing! Make it your passion, Get engrossed into it unless you build a very appealing muscles; daily post the same on Instagram. Now the question arises is, What can you post on Instagram? Not just body building pics, otherwise people would get bored of seeing similar images every time. Make it refreshing every time you post.

Example – Several Fitness Images To Post:

  • Workout Images
  • Images While You Eat Healthy Meal or BreakFast
  • Picture Anywhere In Restaurant
  • Partying Somewhere
  • Doing Outdoor Activities and more

Make sure every Image you took reveals charm of yours; and personality should out-stand comparing to others; and that’s your Iconic Look.

Post such images with proper and trending # hashtags to gain more likes and followers too. It sounds difficult, but your passion can make it happen – Cross 1 Million numbers of followers. Now you can call yourself an influencer!

Reaching 1 Million followers target is not mandatory to start earning, you can earn from 10K followers as well. As you would be a Micro Influencer with specific niche, particular target market and moderate followers.

How To Make Money From Instagram Shoutouts & ADs In 2018

1. Sell Instagram Shoutouts

Shoutouts is an IG marketing trick where you mention user’s profile @exampleuser with photo of his product that user wants to promote. This would accumulate likes to that posted picture and people would visit user’s profile for more details and further purchase item. You get paid to mention user’s Instagram account profile and Image on your account, basically it’s tagging payer’s profile with Image.

Shoutouts is one of the best methods if you ask how to make money from Instagram shoutouts impressively.

Note: To make money from Instagram you should have at least 10K followers on your account. Account with 1 Million + followers would give minimum of $50 per post / shoutouts. At 10K Followers you deserve $5-$10 per shoutouts / post.

Who Can Ask Influencers For Shoutouts? Big Brands and Small Businesses as well if they’ve got a good budget.

Instagram Shoutouts Example

Instagram Shoutouts Example

2. Selling Your Own Product (If any)

Sell On Instagram

Sell On Instagram

Majority of small businesses explore for digital promotion of products. The most preferred portals to promote product after Google are Instagram and Pinterest. Basically selling products on Instagram is more easier for Influencers instead of for Businesses. This is because Influencers got huge fan following and popularity, this makes it smooth to sell out any product promoting on their accounts. Tha’s one of the reasons why influencers start their own brand products and make money. Some Influencers with popularity and Own Branded Products @ChiaraFerragni @HudaBeauty & @Virat.Kohli; Entrepreneurs needs to post on Instagram with Interesting and Relevant Post Content to gain massive followers. Further they can incorporate product link in profile bio section to let users hit and make purchase.

3. Sellout Stock Pictures (post watermarked)

This is rarely seen on Instagram . It may or may not become demanding method on Instagram specially for those who look for buying pictures for website, blog and other purposes. If you are a graphic designer, digital designer or digital artist this can make you earn handsome amount in 2 ways. First, Shoutouts! Secondly, Posting Stock Images (with watermark) so people can visit you site and buy favorite image. To make this happen, generating impressive fan following isn’t enough, you got to make your own Brand and Blog about same to capture the hearts of design lovers and explorers.

Note: Post more about designing, art, paint, graphics, design softwares, apps, sites and more to gain followers.

4. Become a Brand / Sponsored Ads or Posts

It’s much easier to make oneself a brand than making a product the same. For any business or product it takes huge investment and superior quality to make a brand. For a person it’s a bit different: 

To make oneself a brand, it requires:
  1. Consistent Effort
  2. Posting Full-Of-Interest Content
  3. A little Investment
  4. Honesty (Significant)
  5. Time Duration of Between 3 to 8 Years

If you follow up these 5 elements, no one would stop you from becoming a brand. Whether you are into Fashion, Fitness, Digital, Acting, Designing, Music or any niche. Once you reach the required potentials, hundreds of opportunities would be opened to let you Collaborate To Become a Brand Ambassador Of a Company, Product or Magazine

Promoting passion and oneself on various platforms viz. Personal Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube would take a time period of 2 to 4 years to get recognized. Creating paid campaigns on FB, Instagram and YouTube would definitely make you a brand within 2 years to time period.   

To be a brand ambassador, it isn’t necessary to be a mega influencer like @Virat.Kohli; you can be a micro influencer at initial stage, further the macro one. 

Bani J Instagram

Bani J Instagram – Sponsored Post

Another Optional Way

5. Sell Instagram Account (Optional)

Dealing with 10K followers and deciding to sellout account won’t be of too much of hassle. Note, you put too much of effort and years to gain followers, selling an account won’t be worth it. If you have decided on never to be on instagram then this could be a good option. You never know when your quality content can drive millions of followers after you sell. Instead of regression, make a clear decision to work more on Instagram in different ways.  

Conclusion: Neverthless your decision on how to make money from Instagram shoutouts or ads, the important query here is, how passionate and dedicated are you in working on so. It’s simple as said, not to begin if are going to give up. Don’t give up when you already started. Hope is only the supporter not the guarantor, to make it literally happen concentrate on Quality & Post What People Like.


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