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Take SEO Career & Expertise On Sky-Heights – Learn How To Use Long Tail Keywords To Get 10,000 Visitors Per Month

Long-tail keywords has always been bloggers weapon to appear in Search Engine. An intellectual SEO expert always Google into a query ‘How Do I Use Long-tail Keyword?’. Several factors you would see when peep into failure of long-tail keywords usage, even though optimized accurately. Looking for techniques to use long-tail keywords would guide in different ways, but not just all would satisfy what you are anticipating for. Generally long term keywords are searched by users looking for specific and close to perfect answers. This is the reason why blogs with long term keywords have less or moderate traffic, but have valuable conversion rate and engagement too. Before you implement on word strategy, get to know How To Use Long Tail Keywords In Your Blog or Website Content.

Set Title Segmentation For SEO

Beside whole of On-Page SEO, Meta-Title of a page has 1 or 2 or 3 segments,  relying on how long keywords are:

  • Single Sentence SEO (Page Title) – “How To Become a Digital Marketing Expert


  • 2 Sentences SEO (Page Title) / 2-Queries Keywords – “Improve Domain Authority  |  Tips To Increase Domain Authority


  • 3 Parts Of 1 Sentence In a Segment SEO (Page Title) – “4 Effectives Ways For  Affiliate Marketing  Succession In 1 Month” [where ‘Affiliate Marketing’ is the keyword]

* Prime Words Targeting – How To Use Long Tail Keywords?

Targeting long tail keywords with an example of 3 Segments:

Long-Tail Keywords

Long-Tail Keyword’s 3 segments

  • a. Initial Part (in Blue) – Power Words or Digits with Huge Appealing and Clickable Text
  • b. Middle Part (in Yellow) – Targeted Keyword
  • c. End Part – Calling Words / Informative (Optional)


Power words could be ‘High, Top, Best, Great, Effective, Master’ or digits relevant. Initiation of the 1st segment can be Power Word or Targeted Keyword as ‘Boost Alexa Rank – Improve Alexa Rank In 20 Days In 2018’. Long tail keywords beginning with Power words are more effective as they are rarely repeated.

Avoid using a ‘How to’ based long-tail search keyword that is already being used by someone. For instance, “How to write a blog”, you’d never be listed on 1st page of result. This is because there already are tons of blogs written on same long-tail KW but regretting and dream to appear on first page. Sounds discouraging? Ofcourse not, you must be thinking how bloggers and experts like Neil Patel, Darren Rowse and Rand Fishkin appear in most of the search, resulting ahead! This didn’t happen in just 1-2 years, they worked on same for more than 5,10 and more years to be known as expert. 

You too can imagine beyond them, only if you follow the right SEO tactic of targeting keywords. To appear in SE’s first page for ‘How to write a blog‘ apply following method:

  1. Set Keyword –> How to write a blog
  2. Write Awesome Content Different from Other Typical Blogs
  3. Give Best Of SEO 
  4. Divide SEO Meta Title In 3 Segments
  5. 1st Segment to assume – 4 Magical Ways To Learn On [Magical is a Power Word with 4 as Effective Digit]
  6. 2nd Segment as keyword – How To Write a Blog 
  7. 3rd Segment to assume – 2019 [Adding Year is Optional, but Helps Most of the Times]

Overall SEO Title Is :: 4 Magical Ways To Learn On How To Write a Blog 2019

Shorten or modify sentence as you want. This was just a simple example to set a long-tailed competitive keyword. Make sure it appears different from other results on 1st page. Your blog could get on the top if you fulfill all mandatory SEO requirements including Content and its Length that matter a lot.

Features To Learn: Get On First Page of Google In 24 Hours

Google’s SEO Result Revelation

Normally in Google when looking for a term ‘content marketing‘, what do expect? Will it show result something like:

  • 1st Position: Content Marketing Tips ……
  • 2nd Position: Content Marketing Strategy ……
  • 3rd: Content Marketing Step-By-Step Guide……
  • 4th: Content Marketing For Business…..

No! Even though all results has set primary keyword as ‘Content Marketing’, Google won’t results beginning with same term. User experience and resolution is the priority of Google more than SEOs and marketers. So for obvious Google would show up the most relevant and answerable results in different ways without repeating similar content that doesn’t make any difference.

Google would definitely result in following way:

Content Marketing - SEO Result for Similar Keywords

SEO Result for Similar Keywords

Set 2-Queries Keywords

2 Quesries Keywords - Target LongTail Keywords

2-Queries Keywords – Target LongTail Keywords

Targeting for 2 long-tail keywords at a time is only possible when competition is low for the keywords. Or you have already optimized both long tail keywords through Pro / Premium Plan of Yoast or similar SEO plugin.

How To Use Long Tail Keywords In Blog

Keywords usage in blog is less of challenge when compared to website pages. Identity of almost 80% of blogs is based on long tail keywords. There comes several techniques to use long tail keywords for best results in SE.

Some of core elements to consider for LT keywords to use in Blog:

  • Use Effective Words / Power Words
  • Mention Digits as Keyword Prefix 
  • Reveal Year When Experiment Is Happening / Happened
  • Use ‘How To’ as Prefix Only When Required

How To Use Long Tail Keywords In Website

Using long-tail keywords in website pages is a bit tough task. Page SEO is completely different from that of  Blog SEO. Besides of Pages that has a long life, setting keyword becomes challenging as well. Basically pages are targeted with 1 word, 2 words or max-to-max 3 words keyword. This creates a dare for marketers, digital experts and SEOs to focus for 1, 2 or 3 words keywords.

To Target 1 or 2 words of keyword totally rely on these factors:

  • Most Used Keywords (Overall keyword density usage in website)
  • 100% On & Off Page SEO Strategies & Techniques
  • Social Mentions
  • Domain Age To Be More Than 4 Years
  • Domain Authority (To let Search Engine understand how trusworthy site is)
  • Original and Unique Delivery Of Content (using same keywords, but avoiding stuffing)
  • Consistent Posting On Blog
  • Use Several Digital Marketing Methods To Uplift The Results

How To Use Long Tail Keywords For Product

Planning on LT keywords for a particular product is a MIX strategy that we use for BLOG and WEBSITE PAGE. Product comes with 2 to 3+ words almost. Example, Bajaj Dominar, Loreal White Perfect, McDonalds Kebab, Flat On Sale In Mumbai, OPPO F5 Plus, Jumanji 2 Movie Booking, etc.

It sometimes becomes easier to find a product you are selling, on a condition when a product belongs to the recognized BRAND. It can be like a user searching for Trouser, which would rarely show-up your target product. Instead a user specifically look for Pantaloons Trouser, it makes easier for a user to find desired PRODUCT of him/her + BRAND that belongs to you.

Most of the times it becomes a challenge to appear on main page of result due to extremely huge competition for same keyword. For instance, looking for ‘Huda Beauty‘ would rarely show products you are selling of same brand. Instead set a keyword as ‘Huda Beauty Palette’ or ‘Huda Beauty Palette Original’. Do research on several keywords available in auto list of Google avoiding to put own terms. The other example would be a product ‘OPPO F5 Plus’, set keyword as ‘OPPO F5 Plus Price In Mumbai’. This definitely let you boost up on initial page, following SEO conditions.

Along learning on How to use long tail keywords in blog / website, read out ‘How To Use Negative Keywords Targeting’ (Posting Soon) 

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