Payment & Cancellation Policy

Payment Policy:

Procedure for purchasing a digital item on site is as –

  1. Go to Digital Products Page
  2. Select an Item
  3. Add to Cart
  4. Proceed to Checkout
  5. Fill-In mandated details (such as Name, Email, City, Phone)
  6. Navigate to trusted Payment Gateway (make payment through Net Banking or Cards)
  7. Redirects to the Purchased Product File
  8. Download

Payment once made, you get an instant access to download the file. Downloads has maximum limit of 10. i.e. a user can download same item 10 times on our site. Further the purchased item is available for Downloads for about 30 Days from the date of purchase.


Cancellation Policy:

Usually a tangible purchased product can be returned or immediately cancelled after purchase. This is because every item has its unique identity, code or brand that can be easily recognised for return shipment. Tangible item is easy to cancel after purchase due to it’s physicality as customer receives the same in 2 days to 1 week. In case of Digital items, it takes only few seconds to purchase and instantly download an item. Once digital item purchased cannot be returned or cancelled. This is due to the nature of product. Digital products are intangible; and has higher possibility of revelation of the content. Digital items can be shared or resold in seconds. Due to the major sensitive nature of digital items we denied the Cancellation method.

If user mistakenly purchases wrong item then the another step to be taken by user is to inform and request us to provide needy item at it’s original cost (with 10% discount). Further we would forward you needed item by cancelling wrong item downloaded. Before we forward the needed item to the user, user has to forward us identity and address proof like Adhaar & PAN Card scans (to Know Our Customer); on provided email id on Contact page. The wrong item downloaded gets immediately limited to only 1 download with only 1 available day.


Refund Policy:

Following the cancellation policy, refund can be only made if user mistakenly purchases same digital product twice within 30 days. User is not eligible for refund if purchases same product after 30 days.


If – Download Error: 

After successful payment and purchase of product there may occur a technical error which is rarely seen. If so happens drop an email mentioned on Contact page specifying the order details. Within few hours your item would be resend to users provided email id.