Location Icon

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Location Icon – Flexible Edits

Location Icon Downloadable Format:

  1. SVG Vector (Can be Easily Edited, Colour Changed, Over Writable & Size Flexibility)
  2. PNG Format (For Instant Upload)

Icon Size: 512 x 512

Design Standard: Flat Icon

Visual Quality: High


Location Icon Usability For:

Map Icon    Location’s Icon    Place Icon    Address Icon

Spot Icon    Area Icon    City Icon    Landmark Icon

Destination Icon    Direction Icon    Locality Icon

Search Locate Map    Locate Area Icon   Destiny Icon

Destination Map Icon    Locate Icon  Address Map Icon

Marked Locality  Icon  &  More


Icon To Be Uploaded On:

Website & Applications (Apps)


Current Appearance:

With temporary Watermarked overlay; To be watermark-free on purchase



Authority to Re-use on different platforms and shareable as well


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